the fan 590 personalities
Oh, and one more thing….someone tell Cadeau that 2pm isn’t prime time for anything; it’s radio purgatory. Today, radio is like what the Yellow Pages was about 15 years ago: still sort of a thing, but clearly and imminently on the way out. Deitsch is far too talented for this and I hope he finds a better fit, either at SN or at TSN. How can I take these guys seriously? But big picture… Overdrive will undoubtedly spend much of their Oct. 2 show previewing Leafs-Sens with TSN’s hockey analysts only for viewers to tune in to Sportsnet for the game itself while TSN TV channels show Rugby replays and Sunday’s TFC game. In fact, these moves (especially the jettisoning of Mccown) indicate contempt for the listeners. Three strong opinions, with Ruscic as the referee. The fan began a steep decline for me about two years ago, and I am sorry it has become unlistenable present-day…all shows. Because while hockey is number 1, there HAS to be a maximum dollar figure. I had that argument with many staffers and I was always told I was full of shit. MacArthur would not have left TSN unless more money was offered. He was great on TSN, but I haven’t heard much from him lately. He had done TV sports in the past and knew a change to the latter would alter the finished product. I don’t really have an opinion on the rest of the lineup. I prefer journalists or professional broadcasters, not retired players (and especially not puckheads). PTS will be missed, as I’ve listened to it for decades, but it had become dull. I think he has a solid future if given the chance. This means that, for the second time in the last four years, Greg Brady is no longer with Sportsnet. And no one with a brain would tune in to Overdrive for analysis of the NL Wild Card game. I still think its a mess, but to be fair I misread the memo. MacArthur posted his new gig earlier. Only Sportsnet could blow up its broadcast schedule and not even correctly handle the announcement and implementation. Hockey/baseball central starting at 11 or 12, who knows. SN hockey experts not as good as TSN before, now they basically have nobody except Friedman. This should be at the top of a list of Cadeau’s bad decisions. Was Auston Matthews Charged With Disorderly Conduct? This is what happens when you make programming decisions based on dollars rather than the listeners. Steve Kouleas on sat radio is GRATING. All nine gathered and collected around a table for the photo shoot. He becomes monotone and takes too much time to formulate his thoughts. TSN now is what I wish they were even when they had the national rights…they have hockey personalities I like to watch and listen to, but they have spread themselves out more so it isn’t just “all hockey, all the time!”. He’ll sort this crap out!! The only thing missing from THEFAN’s new horrible line-up is Ken Reid. Bob always said that when cameras were first proposed for PTS, he insisted that the radio format be maintained. Grapeline . He stays where the heat is. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Even as former hockey players, their opinions are just not valuable. Jeff Blair is not suitable for entertaining radio; he is much better on Baseball Central. Dude you get rejected more than a salad at Mike Wilner’s house. I heard the announcement too; but am dubious as to the quality of the future product. I rarely leave the office before 5pm, and I can’t stand Tim and Sid. To focus on baseball, SN has most of the experts. As for Brunt…more time off in Nfld? I’ll add Greg Brady to the list of losers in this. He obviously knows his sports, but boy did his ego and holier-than-thou personality ooze through the radio. Instead, the station continues to be run into the ground. Furthermore, we are now in the prized fall book. Sports broadcasting is also a very hard industry, and it’s disappointing that Cadeau would choose to not give the opportunity of hosting the PM drive to a host that had earned it, whoever you think that may be. You will be a major part of the most successful sports radio show in Canadian history. Certainly in straight radio-v-radio comparison this is an admission of defeat by Rogers/FAN. It’s a mockery, and it’s pathetic. This decision smacks of cost-cutting rather than a genuine attempt to serve up quality programming to listeners. It would be a shame if this was a Greg Brady/Mike Richards situation where getting moved to afternoons felt like a mailed in last stop to run out a contract. If it sounds like they’re airing the audio of something that is meant to be on TV, that will be a true disappointment, and surely a failure. TSN1050’s Michael Landsberg provided a classy reply: I like, respect, admire and enjoy @gregbradyTO. What? The morning show is a mess, time to scrap the hosts and begin again. Here's the image if you haven't seen it yet. Although not a Sid fan (I like Tim), when watch their show occasionally I found the TV format not as enjoyable. TSN lost out of the NHL ratings but seemed to have won the war. Sportsnet tends to be pan-NHL while TSN is all Leafs. I don’t know why you’d promote Tim and Sid over Jeff Blair. Without a doubt, this roster of sports talk radio talent is not representative of the world's most diverse city, but is it representative of sports radio listeners? Biggest loser is FAN590: if you want to transition away from Bob and PTS then you don’t fire him mid-week in June, run Jeff Blair out there all summer and then three weeks into ratings period decide to abandon 4-7pm in favour of a TV show on radio. I have to think that the biggest winner here is TSN. The perfect storm of the Canadian NHL teams not advancing in the playoffs (if they even made it), the oversaturation of content on a bevy of different platforms, the demise of the Blue Jays windfall, cord-cutting and a devalued Canadian dollar at the same time as the NHL deal getting more and more expensive have decimated Rogers media. It seemed like he jumped at the gig with Rogers so he can cover the Blue Jays primarily again. Have your big guests like Shulman, Friedman and Grange be exclusive to this show. I am confused by alot of the moves in past year and have cut back on my listening–and will likely cut back even more going forward. Is Docking now going to be the new Burrill-esque show stopper with endless lowlights from the previous night’s game? They simply could have given the job to Scott MacArthur (even on a temporary basis) and see how he does with two very good co-hosts. Things get really weird in the afternoon as TSN airs a generic local show called Game Day from 2-4. In fact, she’s often a channel changer. will be renamed (not revealed) when it moves to the 2-5 slot. I always felt like I was listening to some college radio show, and his habit of asking extremely long-winded questions of guests was super annoying and took away air time from the actual guests. Are you really paying billions to bet that an over two decade drought gets broken soon? Why would you want to be post game host for Jays? Hebsie that comment just reeks of someone in an untenable situation desperately trying to get everybody’s attention with lies, innuendo, misstated facts and unsubstantiated information, just like Jim Tatti’s resume. Needless to say, my dial won’t be touching 590 from 5-7. I feel like I am being fed someone else’s leftovers, or invited to watch a concert through a window of the actual venue. That was pretty high quality stuff all day with a decent mix of smart sports journalism and funny goofiness. Not a fan of Andi Petrilo but would rather listen to Leaf talk not what is going on in Nashville or Dallas. Beating the competition is natural. He’s getting whiny and negative. I am afraid it went from circling the drain to finding the sewer. I wish Bob had retains the tapes of his shows, like Stern did when he left KRock. Everything on this site contains 99% negative comments! According to Blair, P.T.S. Dumping PTS entirely is the FAN waving the white flag. Since Bob has left its been no more then 30 minutes a day and that number is still in decline. –Come back Nelson Millman!!!! I cringed when I saw that Blair was hosting PTS after McCown was canned.He is horrible and tries too hard to imitate Bob’s cranky radio host schtick.I like Brunt and RD. Ben seems to be a tag-along on the show though and rarely states an opinion. Two changes that made the biggest impact were at noon and at 4-7 not sure if it was just luck or the Fan just lost it way.


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