the most beautiful city in west africa
Africa no doubt, is the second largest continent, behind Asia. Spanning 113 km² in area, we wouldn’t call it a large city, but it definitely is a must look-out-for destination if you want to see the beautiful places in Africa. Right up, here’s our list for those who’d love to pick up travel destinations for their next vacation, you’re welcome. It is, however, one of the most beautiful places you can find on the continent. The Ghanaians are very friendly people and their tropical environment is very much favourable. Accra the capital city of Ghana is a modern city with classic bars, restaurants, shopping malls and night clubs. A Nerd who blogs, makes music, Video-graphs, writes #codes and LOOPS the whole process for a living. This place has a laid-back village feel that truly connects you with the real African identity. West Africa is a huge territory featuring beautiful countries with several hundred million inhabitants. All rights reserved. The most beautiful city in West Africa would depend on infrastructural development including availability of good roads, architectural designs and urban planning. The Untold History Of African Kings Who Ruled India, Did You Know? Your email address will not be published. Its position, on the western edge of Africa, is an advantageous departure point for trans-Atlantic and European trade; this fact aided its growth into a major regional port. It is a growing sector, although in some countries it still faces some challenges. Ghana is an ideal destination for those searching for a place to relax, immerse in the authentic African culture and learn more about African history – no wonder it is called ‘Africa for beginners,’ making it a perfect destination for those who want to get their feet wet. With all the sophistication and activities that can be found in the city, this seaside playground certainly has enough to offer to everyone. Some of the major place worth visiting in Dakar are the Grande Mosque, the Renaissance Monument, and the Dakar Cathedral. Ghana’s capital of Accra is among the easiest countries to travel to in West Africa. It is located on the west coast of Africa, an arrow-shaped archipelago out in the north Atlantic, consisting of 10 islands and several islets, divided into two groups: Barlavento (windward) islands and Sotavento (leeward) islands. Copyright © The African Exponent. September 16, 2016, 11:19 am. The major attraction is the Freetown Peninsula, which is lined with sun-drenched beaches that one will find hard to leave. Are you impressed, have any concerns, or think we can improve this article? A few other attractions in Abidjan are the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Banco National Park, and the Amani Gallery. 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Lagos can boast of standard leisure facilities that are comparable to the ones available in developed countries. Hailed as West Africa’s golden child, it is one of Africa’s success stories with a stable democracy in the fast-paced of civilization. Thank you for sharing these cities, I love it so much. Think that most of the West Africans who fight tooth and nail to leave the continent for other places in search of greener pastures are not aware that there are beautiful cities in West Africa. Here are Four Top Destinations for 2020. Spanning 113 km² in area, we wouldn’t call it a large city, but it definitely is a must look-out-for destination if you want to see the beautiful places in Africa. 2. It is characterized by a high level of industrialization and urbanization, wide streets and green parks and has a good number of museums and art galleries that will attract visitors. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has very high crime levels, and is rated at 85.71 out of a possible crime score of 100, according to a 2015 Numbeo report. Adoption Visa Subclass 102 – 5 Things You Need To Prepare, Fidelity Bank Sort Codes and Branches In Nigeria, 7 Gadgets To Add To Your Next Adventure Road Trip In 2020, Top Apps for the Adventurous Traveller in You for 2020, Cheap Papers Review – Online Shopping Tips For Save. Though it arguably has some of the poorest countries and obviously remains a developing continent, there are “a host” of cities in this continent you don’t wanna miss out from checking out. It has got much about everything that a modern city should have – imposing beautiful public and government buildings; private abodes with exquisite out-of-this-world architecture (most of these are actually castles or villas, and not just houses, as only the Nigerian rich can build); the roads are neat, wide and motorable; well-planned lay-outs; relatively good security; centre of Nigeria’s government, etc. Being in a voodoo country, one will have the chance to learn about the voodoo practices and sacrifices. Thank you for sharing these cities.why you are comparing these cities with you? The eco-tourism is amazingly excellent. This modern and busy city has one of the region’s most dependable international airports and metropolitan amenities that make it the ideal jumping off point for first-time visitors to Africa. Luanda is a port city on the west coast of Southern Africa and the capital of Angola for those who do not know. The city of Luxor, obviously in Egypt is located at the Southern part of Egypt, close to the Nile. It boasts of beautiful tourist spots such as Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, Ife museum in Enuwa square, the Olumo rock, Agbokim waterfall and lot more.The country continues to enthrall and delight its visitors with fabulous wildlife, nightlife and beautiful scenery. Below is a list of some of the places which must be on your travel list whenever you think of visiting West Africa. Lagos, the city of aquatic finery, is steeped in history and culture and has remarkable array of magnificent architecture and stunning attractions. It is the country which has the largest cathedral in Africa which is in the capital, Yamoussoukro. There are actually places in Lagos that have structures that will make you think you are in one of the cities in the developed countries. Unfortunately, it has lost this position as a result of the impact of war. Nigeria will captivate you with its rich and multicultural society. If you’re planning to visit West Africa this year, make sure you visit the ancient city of Ghana. How to Plan the Perfect Safari Tour for …, How to Increase High-Quality Sales and M…, Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Stude…, Interesting Things to Know About the Bah…, The Ugly, Genocidal Truth About Christop…, Here is How Africa Was Used as a Laborat…, Insight into Regulated Forex Trading Pla…, Top 8 Universities in New Zealand and Ho…, Our Halloween Tips Are Going To Set Your…, Locate the Proper Dentist Who Accepts Yo…, Nigeria is at The top of Online Betting …, 5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Sub…. As a Nigerian, I am always awed and proud of this city and just hope that other state governments will do similar things in their states. Dakar is the capital city of Senegal, located along the coast. There are many highbrow area and also nice spots for evening hangout, making it an amazing city to live in. That's me. With an abundance of spectacular views and rich culture, Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful destinations in the West Africa. Required fields are marked *. Though it might not come with the modern city vibe you expect to see, it sure does have its own beauty. This country offers the best of everything from beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and exotic cuisines. These countries boast a rich history, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Things are changing for the better, and fast. Lagos has the beautiful Victoria Island, and one also gets to have a real experience of the daily dealings of bribery, corruption. How Africa Should You Take a Road Trip During Covid-19? One thing you’d definitely love about this ancient city is the fact that it can be attributed to as the greatest open-air museum in Africa since it houses the ruins from ancient temples and a whole lot of more interesting places. Why not relax and go through this list. It has several tourist attractions and is also booming in trade and other economic activities. You have entered an incorrect email address! Iam wellcoming, Iam in ethiopia Your email address will not be published. It is the smallest country in Africa, and it does not mean that it has to offer small things. It offers visitors an opportunity to get in touch with nature and has reserves where you can see various animals and rare species of wildlife such as Abuko National Reserve, Gambia National Park and Bijilo Forest Park. The tropical climate makes it all the more appealing. There are many affluent areas, including East Legon— the location of the city’s only traditional shopping complex, Accra Mall. Taking the cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset to take in the beautiful views is a must. The city is main economic spirit of Nigeria, despite not the capital city of the country; it has the strong presence of notable companies, educational institutions and top-notch amenities. The city is an interesting place to live, friendly people and unforgettable experiences. Lagos is known to be the most populous city in Nigeria. This country is one of the most spectacular gems of West Africa. It is one of the best West African cities. Its subtropical climate, wide beaches, superb surfing, excellent shopping, exciting market, fine restaurants and lively nightlife makes Nigeria a year-round destination. Learn how your comment data is processed. We recommend that you follow our guidelines for pl…, Good strategic plan to ensure good management to i…, Traveling is fun, especially if you have everythin…, There is hardly any student who is not fond of tra…, The Bahamas will be your next vacation, there are …, Columbus took some inhabitants as prisoners aboard, No need to worry! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Luanda is a port city on the west coast of Southern Africa and the capital of Angola for those who do not know. West Africa is a place of many wonders, and a region one must visit. There are plenty fishing methods visitors are taught. Log in or create an account to add articles to your saved articles list. With many of the region main rivers originating in the Fouta Djallon, this place is filled with mountains and waterfalls.


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