the two sides of chaga
There have been few studies regarding Chaga’s benefits, as well as any negative side effects. It has all the benefits of caffeine without the addiction, headaches, or jitters. Required fields are marked *, The Cult of Productivity-Intro to New Blog Series, 4 Part Kitchen Herbalist Apprenticeship Series Fall 2017, Community Medicinal Herb Garden Workshop Series: Pilot Project with Sustainable Food Edmonton,,, Cannabis As Medicine: Certificate Course for Practitioners and Public Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, Best Plant ID Books for Albertans (& the rest of you in the Aspen Parkland/Boreal Forest! YEG Community Herbalist – Dionne Jennings. Chaga has the potential to thin blood. If you are concerned about how Chaga may interact with your body or the medications you are taking, talk with your doctor about how to start safely including Chaga in your regular routine. The best way to avoid this complication is to find out how strong these energy boosting effects are on you personally and how long you should drink your Chaga before you want to sleep. Other birch stands, infected with different medicinal mushrooms, such as tinder conk (Fomes fomentarius) and birch polypore (Polyporus betulinus), will not have populations of these valuable sterile conks. Knowing some of the potential impacts on your body may help you make an informed decision about wether or not Chaga is right for you. In contrast, Chaga is entirely natural. It is slow, sloooow growing, taking years to develop. ), The Art of “No” or Why Saying No IS Self Care, Part 2, The Art of “No”–or Why Saying No IS Self Care (Part 1). If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Overharvesting chaga stands means that when the birch finally succumbs and falls down, the microscopic fertile fruiting bodies may not present themselves to release spores and infect another tree. Cultural history of the Chaga. Chaga is a very safe mushroom to consume. Comment. You can reintroduce it to your wellness routine after you are no longer breast feeding. We get testimonials every week from people who are telling us how their health have improved since they drink Chaga tea. It is these components that give Chaga such excellent healthy benefits. Chaga can offer health and wellness with the ease of a cup of tea. In fact, the word ‘Chaga‘ is derived from ‘чага‘, which is the old Russian word for mushroom.This hard to pronounce Russian word, ‘чага‘ stems from Komi-Permyak, which is the language of the indigenous people living near the Ural Mountains. If you are unsure about whether or not Chaga is right for you, it is always best to talk with your medical professional about your specific needs. I also suspect that if most people had to harvest Chaga themselves-involving ladders, trees, axes/sharp tools, muscle strength, more sharp implements, and then had to cut this meteor-like rock hard mass into smaller, more user friendly pieces, using more muscle power (THEN process it to break down the cell wall &/or powder it so that it’s actually useful in the body) we also wouldn’t be having this conversation. A balanced approach to wellness is necessary and a doctor may need to know how everything that is impacting your body is working together. Russians and Scandinavians have known about Chaga’s health benefits for quite a long time.


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