threats to the white wagtail

However, mtDNA cytochrome b and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 sequence data suggests that the white wagtail is itself polyphyletic or paraphyletic (i.e. Threats to Mekong Wagtail and the wider river-channel bird community The Mekong mainstream and the Kong, San and Srepok tributaries in Cambodia support healthy numbers of Mekong Wagtail, but the total area they occupy is small.

[33] Population trends have not been quantified, but the species is not believed to approach the thresholds for the population decline criterion of the IUCN Red List (i.e. The tail is black with white outer tail feathers that are conspicuous in flight and flicked continually when walking. birds!

[25] Birds from the North American population also winter in tropical Asia.

[11], There are a number of other subspecies, some of which may have arisen because of partial geographical isolation, such as the resident British and Irish form, the pied wagtail M. a. yarrellii, which now also breeds in adjacent areas of the neighbouring European mainland. There are sixty-eight species of wagtails and pipits grouped into six genera in the Motacillidae (pronounced moh-tuh-SILL-uh-dee) family. Also eats some spiders, earthworms, tiny fish, and seeds. theorised that this occurs because the wagtail is too small to push the intruding egg out of the nest, and too short-billed to destroy the egg by puncturing it. However, they are caught for sport and often then placed into collections.

[31], Though it is known to be a host species for the common cuckoo, the white wagtail typically deserts its nest if it has been parasitised. Comprehensive life histories for all bird species and families. Both parents feed the chicks until they fledge after between 12 and 15 days, and the chicks are fed for another week after fledging.

Information on the plumage differences and distribution of the subspecies of the white wagtail is shown below.[18]. Usually seen as singles, pairs, or small groups walking and running around, pumping the long, white-sided tail up and down. This subspecies has a black back and a lot of black around the head, a white wing panel and white edges on the secondaries and tertials. Population trends have not been quantified, but the species is not believed to approach the thresholds for the population decline criterion of the IUCN Red List (i.e. In Old World, eats mostly insects, including midges, crane flies, and other flies, beetles, mayflies, dragonfly larvae, caterpillars, moths, and many others. Writeup & Photos of White Wagtail at Malibu 5 Oct. Chuck & Lillian #1350 .
For second broods in the subspecies personata the female alone builds the nest, which is a rough cup assembled from twigs, grass, leaves and other plant matter, as the male is still provisioning the young. The eggs are cream-coloured, often with a faint bluish-green or turquoise tint, and heavily spotted with reddish brown; they measure, on average, 21 mm × 15 mm (0.83 in × 0.59 in).

Seldom on open tundra, usually around low sea cliffs, coastal villages, or shacks on beaches, sometimes on gravel flats of rivers well inland. Black bill, legs and feet. [1] The population in Europe appears to be stable. The wagtails also show up as vagrants from Asia, or breed in Alaska and winter in Asia. It’s the least you can do. They are found mainly in forested habitats, breeding in the temperate parts of east Asia and wintering across tropical Asia from India to Indonesia.

Lives of North American Birds. In Ireland and Great Britain, the darker subspecies, the pied wagtail or water wagtail [2] (M. a. yarrellii) predominates.

[19] In a number of cities, notably Dublin, large flocks gather in winter to roost. There it seems to favor the vicinity of manmade structures: most of the nests found in Alaska have been in abandoned fishing huts, old gold dredges, empty fuel tanks, or piles of debris on the beach. [29] It is lined with soft materials, including animal hair. The species breeds in much of Europe and the Asian Palearctic and parts of North Africa.

They are therefore rated as of least concern. The song is more regular in white than pied, but with little territorial significance, since the male uses a series of contact calls to attract the female.


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