three bears chow chows
Unlike some other breeds, most of the Chow Chow’s stockiness comes from thick bones and a very heavy musculature. It’s thick and mats easily. For these reasons, many dog experts and Chow Chow breeders do not recommend placing Chow Chows in homes with children under the age of 10. The Chow Chow makes a peerless watchdog and an excellent guard dog. Chows can have two coat types, rough and smooth. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Check out these totally loveable Chow Chows! At one point, there may have been many distinct varieties of Chinese Spitz, but only the Chow Chow has survived until the present day. What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs? The wolves of these regions, especially India, are significantly smaller and less aggressive than northern wolves, and still live in close proximity to man. DMOZ Information: Three Bears Contains kennel history, photos, show news, pedigrees and litter announcements. These dogs shed fairly heavily all year long, but are incredibly intense seasonal shedders. The nose should be black, but blue-coated Chow-Chow can have a solid blue or slate-colored nose. There will be less tangles and matting than the rough coated Chows. The breed is known for a very dense double coat that is either smooth or rough. Those looking for a dog to compete in obedience trials or other canine sports should definitely look elsewhere as Chow Chows usually perform very poorly in such events. Fluffy Chow Chow Puppy And Hooman Bond In Swimming Pool. The muzzle and face are quite distinct from each other, and meet at a nearly 90 degree angle. According to this theory, because the dog was just another type of Chinese merchandise to these sailors, they called it a Chow Chow. [9], The blue-black/purple tongue gene appears to be dominant, as most mixed breed dogs that come from a Chow-Chow retain that tongue colour. Basically, it looks and tastes just like delicious treats, and it could really help your fluffy Chow with their hip and joint issues. Although the Great Depression dampened the American economy, the Chow Chow had become a permanent fixture in American canine life and would remain very fashionable and popular until World War II. Georgia O'Keeffe, an American artist, owned at least 6 chow chows in her lifetime. Try to engage your pup inside the home on hot summer days to get them moving and keep their moderate energy levels stable. With proper socialization, most Chow Chows will accept the presence of strangers, but the vast majority never approve of them and are extremely aloof. Cats/Other Pets?). However, this dog has one of the highest prey drives of any breed and will pursue and kill other animals. The average life span of a Chow Chow is anywhere from 11 to 14 years old. Also, a spray conditioner can help avoiding breakage and tearing to the thick coat of hair. You may want to hug and snuggle with your adorable pup, but Chow Chows aren’t very affectionate. (Rafiki & Sarabi) Mato Randy and Jamie Youngstrom - Iowa (Rafiki & Sarabi) "Gus" Canuck x Sarabi Loved by Rick and Katie. <– This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! Forgot account? The Chinese also used Chows to pull dog-sleds, and this was remarked upon by Marco Polo. Despite the use of the breed for anything other than work or companionship, the Chow Chow breed continued to grow and eventually expand around the world. They saw dogs as a useless fancy of the rich, and something that took away food and resources that should go to the poor. Or some kinda dog?” “Why not all three?”. All Chow Chow found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Although it is difficult to get a real gauge on Chinese dog populations, the Chow Chow either went totally extinct in China or nearly so, and to this day the breed remains very rare in its homeland. Magic is co-owned with Bill Davis of Three Bears Chows, O’Keeffe wrote about her dogs in letters to friends and family, took photographs of them, and sketched them. Not very high on the energy scale, the Chow Chow breed is moderately active. The vast majority of released dogs end up dead of starvation, accidents, animal attack, poisoning, and disease within the first few weeks or months, and many barely make it for a few days. Even Chow Chows that live primarily outside are generally quite clean. The face of the Chow Chow is quite wrinkly, although dogs from show lines tend to have far more wrinkles than dogs from other lines. [34] One of them is named Genghis Khan. Although short, the muzzle is very wide and deep, to the point that it is nearly cubical in shape. Kody, Loved by Elizabeth (Canuck & Sarabi) However, males (and to a lesser extent females) of this breed may scent mark their territory, including furniture and walls. Breed members that have been raised with children are generally very gentle and affectionate with those children, and typically become extremely protective of them. By the end of the 1980’s, pure bred Chow Chows had again fallen out of favor, although untold thousands of Chow Chow mixes still roamed the streets of America. Entropion occurs when the eyelid folds inwards. This bond happens very quickly, and often lasts a lifetime. That is how 2 smooths, a red female, Lipa, a black male, Nafanya, joined my older long-haired blonde girl Pani. Verbal commands, correcting, and praise will go far with your pup. Significant Other, 14 Hilarious "Would You Rather" Questions To Test Your Dog Obsession. Chow Chows are famed for their courage when defending their families, and this dog will fearlessly drive off any danger, including gangs of armed robbers and bears. With considerable grooming and training, the Chow Chow will become a devoted, if opinionated, companion for experienced owners. The Chinese peasantry also greatly favored the breed, but for different reasons. Chow Chows which have been raised with larger non-canine animals are generally tolerant of those individual animals and give them few problems. During these seasons the Chow will require a bit more attention in the grooming department. Adult supervision is always recommended when a young child is playing with any breed of dog. Samoyed Puppies. Due to their strong hunting instincts, it is recommended that these dogs stay fenced, leashed, and away from cats and small dogs. . The Chow Chow is one of the few breeds capable of not only surviving long  periods as a stray, but thriving enough to actually reproduce. Owning a Chow-Chow can raise the cost of homeowners insurance because some companies consider them high-risk dogs. However, certain dogs are much more likely to survive than others. DOB October 27, Parent in site. The more commonly published one holds that the term chow chow was a slang term used by British sailors to describe the various types of Chinese merchandise carried in a ship’s cargo areas. This breed of dog has many strong loyal bonds with friends and family, but the Chow-Chow dog is usually overly protective of one or two main family members. Strangers? The ears of this breed are relatively short, but fairly wide. On the other hand, smooth-coated Chows have a hard, dense, short outer coat. The more commonly identified Chow Chow coat is the rough coat. When around smaller pets their hunting nature may kick in, which often makes them incompatible with many other house pets. The Chow Chow comes in two different coat types. The Chow Chow is most famous for its blue-black tongue, shared only with its close relative the Shar Pei. Chows thoroughly enjoy people, mainly and specifically their family members. It is easy to tell Chow ancestry even after many generations because of the blue-black tongue, although a few other breeds do have partially black tongues. Again, with proper training and early socializing Chows can be well behaved and friendly. The problem of most concern to Chow Chow owners is the breed’s great sensitivity to the heat. Chows are known to primarily bond with one individual and they are fiercely loyal to their beloved human. Check out all of our favorite and must have puppy products on our sister site: New Puppy Checklist. They’re known to be fiercely loyal to … The stout pups would make poor hiking or jogging companions, high impact games and activities should be avoided. Notable Rescues To Find The Chow Chow Of Your Dreams: Everything You Need To Know If Your Stressed-Out Dog Says "HECK NOPE" To July 4th Fireworks, 11 Long-Lasting Chews For Dogs Who'd Chew Through Drywall, 10 Things You May Not Know About Military Dogs, 10 Tips & Tricks On Surviving Self-Isolation With Your Dog, 15 Holiday Hazards You May Not Realize Are Dangerous For Your Pup, Alaskan Klee Kai Breed Information Guide: Quirks, Pictures, Personality & Facts. Chow Chows often revert to pack behavior in groups of as few as three or four dogs, which can cause serious problems. Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. For the pickled relish, see, Chow Chow Dog Breed | Information on Chow Chows. The kennel is located in an ecologically clean place, a pine forest, Lyman, Donetsk region of Ukraine. Perhaps no dog is as easy to housebreak as a Chow Chow, and many housebreak themselves by the age of eight weeks. This connection will help your Chow see you seriously as the alpha of the pack. The smooth coated Chows are easier to groom due to the difference in hair. Related Pages. All Chow Chow found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Westerners first encountered the Chow Chow in the 1700’s and 1800’s. This makes training them when they are puppies crucial, because they gain respect for those who care for them. Looks Like Walking Your Dog Is The Key To A Longer Life, Dedicated Search And Rescue Dog Dies After Saving 7 People Trapped In Earthquake Rubble, Lt. Dan Finds His Feet And Walks Straight Into A Furever Home, Afghan Hound Breed Information Guide: Quirks, Pictures, Personality & Facts, Japanese Spitz Breed Information Guide: Quirks, Pictures, Personality & Facts, Jindo Breed Information Guide: Quirks, Pictures, Personality & Facts, Furry Coworkers Make You Kick Butt At Your Job And Help You Bring Home More Bacon, How To Get Your Dog On A Billboard In Time Square, 9 Inventions All Dog People Would Like To See Turned To Reality This Year, These Women Save Dogs In The Nerdiest Way Possible - With Applied Economics, 8 Signs Your Dog Might Be Turning Into A Zombie, Doberman Swallows 26 Golf Balls And Lives To Fetch Again, Happy Endings Saved This Hermaphrodite Puppy, People Admit They Would Rather Kiss THIS Loved One vs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) granted full recognition to the Chow Chow in 1903. However, this dog is known for its intense loyalty. Dogs have always been a part of my life. They would thrive in a home with a tall fenced-in yard for regular exercise or in an apartment near a dog park. Maoist revolutionaries seized control of mainland China in the years following World War II. From the dark tongue and small ears to the thick neck fur and straight hind legs, every element of this breed is distinct and unmistakable. Chows are listed as one of the oldest breeds in the world and are believed to have originated in Mongolia and Northern China – where the thick coat helps combat arctic temperatures. Log In. This can be problematic as many groomers refuse to cater to Chow Chows due to their tendency to bite strangers, especially those that are pulling at their fur. This capability has had a lasting effect on many stray and feral dog populations in America as by the fact that a comparatively high percentage of American stray dogs (dogs which were once pets and then later released) are partially Chow Chow and a grossly disproportionate number of American feral dogs (dogs which were born on the streets and never had a home) have some Chow Chow ancestry. The Chow-Chow is a dog breed originally from northern China. Initially dog ownership was heavily taxed, and then banned altogether. Longview, Washington, United States. Every inch of the Chow Chow needs to be detailed when grooming, even the tail’s thick feathery thick hair.


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