tiger cake template
This cake decoration is just unbelievable in its graphical layout and coloring. I was told he’s into martial arts and graphics. WOW!! Pigpigscorner, thank you very much for the award! Download. You are so skilled and creative. :). This particular one was made for a boy (a young man, I should probably say) turning his twenty. I’m amazed at how clean, crisp, and graphically precise that tiger is! Its stunning, so clever and striking, You seem to be so good at everything creative. Very clean and impressive :). The cake is fantabulous and i’m wondering if the birthday boy will feel like cutting it. Вам определенно стоит поменять профессию – талант дается не каждому :) Удачи Вам! Worked together with the wonderful people over at AKQA on the Wheat Thins campaign "Must Have Wheat Thins" for this year's Superbowl. You do make my day! Gobsmacked. JPG Image 130.9 KB. I agree with Y the black and white effect is just perfect. ), purchasing a banner…, Please refer to SHOP announcements before placing an order. Asian Themed Cake, Cake decorating, Fondant Applique, Tiger Cake. Мне гораздо привычнее менее официальное обращение на “ты” :). Since the birthday boy already passed the Winnie the Pooh age (pity… I love Tigger), I had to find more of an adult-oriented solution. Stunning! Pleeeeeaaaase????? Hello, I love the Toy Story movies, very good movie! This is perfect for a tiger graduation cake I am making. Under the fondant was a Devil’s chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam and bittersweet sourcream ganache. J’aimerais en reproduire un pour l’anniversaire de mon frère, pourriez vous m’explique la technique pour dessiner le motif du tigre et avoir un résultat aussi net et propre ???? Vera, this is absolutely amazing! Please tell us where you got this stencil. Я подозреваю, ко всем прочим талантам, Вы еще и художница :) У Вас очень богатая фантазия и удивительный профессионализм для home baker. That’s one handsome tiger on that cake. to help give you the best experience we can. Choose from 23,521 Bridge stock illustrations from iStock. Reply. Did you use a template or picture? LOL! /* MRec, 2/19/09 */ AMAZING!! Holly. Mix cake mix, eggs, oil and water together. Never thought you might imagine using this method. You did such a great job on this cake; the fondant cut-outs are so clean and precise. Though I love “Tigger” too. And in fondant too boot. Camera Cake Template.jpeg. Download. OMG baking obsession is my new obsession! … That is probably the very coolest cake I’ve ever seen – my boys would go nuts over that! JPG Image 195.4 KB. Amazing, Vera. See more ideas about Daniel tiger birthday cake, Daniel tiger birthday, Tiger birthday. I am the gas pedal, and he is the brakes, and this is one time when I can actually say I am thankful for that! Very sophisticated design. I’m very nervous as I only get one chance. High Heel Stiletto Red & Black Shoe Temp. Reply. Wow! JPG Image 163.9 KB. Леночка, спасибо большое! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});