tiger tank found in french barn
He recalled that the King Tiger tank was left over turned on its It is believed that some of the shells in the King Tiger may be live and could explode. It is listed as an historical monument. [1] The tank, numbered as 231 (according to the information display board next to the tank), belonged to the 2nd Company of the 102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion (although there is some debate surrounding exactly which unit this tank was attached to, with some sources attaching it to the 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion).[2]. Local scrap dealers purchased this hardware off the landowner (on whose property the hardware was on) and scrapped the vehicles. The Panzer crew returned to their unit minus the tank and took on roles in other vehicles. [3] It was classified as a French Monument Historique in December 1975.[4]. It is now restored, and dry stored, waiting its body to be dug up. The tank's crew abandoned the tank and set off two explosive charges on the vehicle, which left the tank's turret immobilized and damaged the engine decking, leaving distinct cracking on the thick armoured plates. is that a second air to ground attack causes the crew to bailout and abandon the battle. If you have any comments about any of these tanks then please send an e-mail to [email protected], (Porsche turret) – Bovington Tank Museum, Schweizerisches Militärmuseum, Full, Switzerland, National Armor and Cavalry Museum, Fort Benning, GA, USA, Wreck - The Wheatcroft Collection, England. That means the local Mayors Office of Fontenay-Saint-Père cannot sell the tank or any parts of the tanks. Bad photo of the Fontenay-Saint-Père King Tiger Tank 124 turret. He has to agree to divert the road during excavation. As one of the last things he did before moving on to a more senior Government post – Prefet Morvan repeated his authorisation giving the tank to Mr Sterne for display in Normandy – and he confirmed that this tank will not become a State claimed trophy of war. The long awaited deliberation arrived after consultation with all Government bodies, including the Ministry of Defence, Army, Ordnance Department, Mayor, Gendarmerie, Police etc. This is a photo of a King Tiger Tank turret in France. There were five American Shermans, a heavy Tiger, a half-crippled Panther and some old Soviet tanks stuck in the mire on the edge of an abandoned tank range located in Nakhabino. Blown up by own troops next to Tscherkassy now is on display at the Technikmuseum Sinsheim (Germany) nearly unrestored, minor faults in the resotored sections. Agreement must be reached with the French Army Services to take on the job of deactivating the ammunition during the excavation. It was painted during the war by the crew and as such it offered historians a unique look at how the Germans tried to hide their vehicles. The Tiger II Tank Wreck. John B. Dec 8, 2015 at 10:48am Anything interesting with a motor is good with me. the town of Mantes la jolie centred around the village of Fontenay-St-Pére. [6], The tank is owned by the commune of Vimoutiers who have delegated the restoration of the tank to the Association for the Restoration of the Vimoutiers Tiger Tank in Normandy (L'association pour la Restauration du Char Tigre de Vimoutiers en Normandie, in French this has the acronym CATIVEN). The Governor’s office also received letters of support from representatives of the RAF, and even US D-day veterans who landed on Omaha Beach – as well as senior military figures in France & Germany, all supporting the Prefets first agreement that the remains should be recovered by Mr Sterne – they too have welcomed this final decision. Part of the tank’s turret was recovered from the side of the road 17 years ago but then the turret has stayed in a local garden ever since – but new changes in French law prohibit the private ownership of armoured items like this, so it too must go into a museum. Staff at the museum will be available to offer technical advice on all three projects. The hull of the tank still remain (in bits) under the road. The concrete block between the tracks prevents access inside the tank as it has no floor any more. The tank was featured prominently in the May 1975 issue (Issue 8) of After the Battle Magazine. It confirms that the Council must comply with earlier agreement and the same letter has been received by Mr Kauffmann in Yvelines legal department. Among them The current camouflage scheme does not reproduce that originally found on the tank, but was done by a local volunteer who restored the tank[8]. This decision is legally binding and it allows Mr Bedier to put an end to the ongoing debate between the council and the re-enactors. This German WW2 King Tiger tank is currently in two parts. A spokesman for the Tank Museum, Bovington, England was shocked and dismayed when he saw the photograph. It is hoped that the turret can be restored back to its original colour. A senior lawyer for Yvelines Council Mr Kauffmann stated “all decisions of the County Council pass the control of legality of the prefecture”… and Mr Bedier and DRAC (French Department of Cultural Affiairs) publicly agreed to be bound by the Prefet’s final decision. But the local authorities were concerned that it did not become a place of homage – and a number of French veterans wrote to the Prefet in support of Mr Sterne’s project. A decision was made that the tank and the bomb crater would be covered in It is thought the tank ran out of fuel on RN 179 just after leaving Vimoutiers. story is from a conversation Bruno Renoult, the historian who found the The 11th August 1944, a company of King Tiger Tanks left Mailly le camp by rail. This German Panther Ausf. Thanks for posting this, I’m not a tank fan but it was interesting for sure. It was fired upon and fell into a shell crater and the crew bailed out leaving the tank to be later destroyed by advancing Allied soldiers. The crew cannot Tiger 131 was captured following a lucky hit by a British Churchill tank, belonging to 48 Royal Tank Regiment, in the Tunisian desert in April, 1943. jimbosidecar. [3] Having been partially restored, the Tiger tank remains on display on the outskirts of Vimoutiers. The tank is located beside the road heading towards Gacé on Route Départemental D979. The fate of Tiger 124 in August 1944 is reasonably well known. The local mayor had supported the idea of a recovery project because there are munitions known to be onboard and the towns administration do not want to leave the munitions in place. “A great piece of history has been damaged and I only hope it can be restored – but we are delighted that this long awaited recovery project can now take place and we cannot wait to see another original Tiger II on display in Normandy.”, Movie Material: Tommy Prince Was so Effective, Germans Believed he Was an Evil Spirit, “Holy Grail” Was Discovered in 2015 with $17 Billion Cargo, The Effects of the Lonely Queen Still Seen Among the Trees of Norway, Best Warriors in the World – 5 of the Top Special Forces Units, “Closing down for ever, all the best, goodbye.” Last WW2 Germany Message Revealed, The Des Moines Class Cruiser – The Greatest Heavy Cruiser, USS Orleck: The WW2 Ship Has to Move But Who Wants Her. Vimoutiers was near the junction of Anglo-Canadian and Polish forces in the north and US and French forces in the south. The tank is a Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. Tiger in the French Tank Museum in Saumur. This is where the stories differ. Mr. Nikitin was quick to realize that he had come across a real treasure. A year later when the road was being repaired it was simply easier to push the remains of the Tiger into the shell hole and build the road over it, than it was to remove it. On 21 August 1944, along with other German tanks (Panthers, Panzer IIIs and IVs and other Tigers) and a variety of military vehicles, the Tiger was heading out of the Falaise pocket to a fuel dump at the Chateau de l'Horloge in Ticheville during the final days of the Battle of Normandy. "Orne. The vehicle's chassis number is currently unknown. As of 2013, the mayor of Vimoutiers began seeking funds for a restoration project. The Vimoutiers Tiger tank is one of only seven known intact Tiger I tanks left remaining in the world. Dec 7, 2015 at 11:28am Gotta love it. The turret was first lifted off to reduce the overall weight and the chassis was then pulled and pushed out of the roadside ditch by a few bulldozers. Frontal view of the Tiger tank. E (with ordnance inventory designation Sd.Kfz. They are concerned in case they explode and cause injury to local people or a passing motorist – and the risk is one they were not willing to let continue any longer. The Hotckiss H35 tank restoration is a Saumur French Tank Museum project. Reply. The whole project was therefore re-investigated by the Regional Governor’s office which has spent almost 6 months re-looking into the affair from a legal perspective. This is not what the Yvelines Council wanted to see happen at the side of the road.​.


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