toyota plant codes

B-Carina / Avensis For example, J stands for Japan and S for Great Britain. B-2AD-FHV (2.2 liters, 16 cl., Turbo diesel, 170 hp from 2005) (common rail, DOHC, intercooler) U-1GR-FE The WMI codes are as follows: Position 4 “ 5 For the Toyota models made for the European market until 2002, position four and five of the VIN identifies the body type of the vehicle. 23 - a van with high roof C is for Previa and RAV4, D means Mega Cruiser. P-2AZ-FSE (2.4 liters, 16 cl., Gasoline, 163 hp) family D4 (DOHC, VVT-i) N-HiLux N-5VZ-FE RA28-MQ-MMR. 31 - pickup with regular cab Toyota and Mazda are building a new plant in Alabama, which will make around 300,000 crossovers per year, divided evenly between the … E - Corolla / Matrix 1 - Tundra 43 - a minivan with high roof F - 1MZ-FE S - Princeton, IN, USA K - station wagon, five doors, 4x2 P-Starlet Since the USA is the largest market, eventually the VIN was added for the rest of the world in the mid 1980's but Toyota still uses the model code for determining which features your car has.

J - Land Cruiser / Land Cruiser Prado P - pickup, two doors (regular cab), 4x4 This position identifies the brand division of the Toyota vehicle. J - coupe with a roof type "TARGA." This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. *For the Toyota models made for the North American market until 1996, position 11 identifies the assembly plant of the vehicle. 0 - 2 front airbags and side curtains V-RAV-4. Thailand. N1-Avensis (T221). A-RA28-MQGU-GG C - Sienna 5F2 means the second in the series of 5 speed manual gearboxes offered on that car and engine. E-2AZ-FE (2.4 liters, 16 l., Petrol) T50, W50, P51, A30, A40, ... Only present on Japanese spec TA28 and RA28, 1976 pollution control with T series engines, 1976 pollution control with R series engines, late model Celica coupe or liftback, Japan spec, Pre Oct 1975 - Basic model eg V=wagon, VB=van(wagon without windows), Carina - Automatic gearbox, 2FC, floor mounted, Rearrangement of engine bay to suit twin cam engine, 4 speed manual gearbox, 4H, steering column mounted, 4 speed manual gearbox, 4F, floor mounted, 5 speed manual gearbox, 5F, floor mounted, Sports suspension (level 1) and dual circuit brakes, Engine with R option (regular gasoline/petrol instead of premium/super), Unleaded fuel system (eg narrow fuel filler, catalytic converter), Sports suspension (level 2) and dual circuit brakes, 3 speed manual gearbox, 3H, steering column mounted, Rearrangement of engine bay to suit twin carb, single cam engine, LT American spec (often without LT badge), Left hand drive interior (instruments, dash, ...), Right hand drive interior (instruments, dash, ...), Model code - lists engine family, body style and factory options, Body serial number - list engine family, body style and unique serial number, Vehicle Identification Number - Manufacturer, country, date, unique serial number - America only.

"V" combined with "-B" means a van without windows (i.e. 72 - station wagon

U-Dyna 200 For the same vehicle, position 12, “ 17 of the VIN identifies the serial number of the car. What is a VIN? In this case, Toyota. 5F1 means the first in the series of 5 speed manual gearboxes offered on that car and engine. Please check your VIN and try again. For the same vehicles, position 5 identifies the model and the platform of the Toyota.

R-LitAce E-Corolla "V" means a wagon with windows. W-MR2 *For the Toyota models made for the European market since 2002, this position is held by a character that identifies the middle symbol of the series number. K - Camry S - Princeton, IN, USA Z “ hatchback. N0-Avensis (T220) Where do I find my VIN? T-2UZ-FE (4.7 liters, V8, 32 cl., Gasoline) All Rights Reserved. A-RA28-MQGU-GG 1 - no airbags

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the unique identifier of your vehicle. A41: This data is for world production. Z - station wagon, five doors, 4x2, A-4A-FE, 7A-FE (1.6 liters, 16 cl., Petrol) The VIN-code is the identification number of each model of the Toyota manufacturer, where the necessary information about a particular car is encrypted (for example, Toyota Corolla).

X-Cressida. LB - elevator, three dr. There are 3 possible code that identify a car: Americans usually confuse the VIN with the model code because the VIN is the only number used by their government and insurance companies. 6 - HiLux Find detailed information by Toyota VIN number with build sheet for free.

E - station wagon; Including the increased capacity (for example, the Toyota Corolla Verso) C - Cambridge (Canada) 7 - 2 Front airbags, driver's knee airbag For example, 1 refers to Europe, 2 means the USA / Canada, 3, 4, 8, B, C mean the countries of the Persian Gulf, 7 - Australia and other countries, 0 is for Taiwan or Singapore. W - station wagon 52 - hatchback, three doors The first of the Toyota VIN identifies the country of the assembly of the vehicle.   RA29L-MXA-UU, The next two letters after the next dash represents the trim level. Our Corolla story begins with huge, 45-tone rolls of steel. Each letter corresponds to compliance with a certain year's anti-pollution laws. Insurance Card You can find your VIN on the insurance identification card issued by … The Toyota VIN number decoder allows you to find out the country and region of production, plant, body type and model, engine series, and other useful information. Even if any person on the planet finds out the code of your Toyota, he or she won't be able to do something with it at all. *For the Toyota models made for the North American market after 1996, position 4 identifies the body type and wheel formula of the Toyota. On some cars, this number is located in the upper left part of the instrument panel and is visible through the windshield. Baltimore, Maryland 21224 USA.

P-Starlet R-21R (2.0 liters, petrol) K-Camry / Aurion (TRD) D - hatchback / liftback, 3 doors, 4x2 Toyota cars are not an exception. Toyota is the world’s first automaker to use the new technology. L-Tercel / Paceo 4 - Yaris 41 - minibus with standard roof On a car with an R series engine it means a P51. 6 - 2 front airbags, side curtain airbags, side curtains, driver's knee airbag Y - 2ZZ-GE.

When you locate it, it will have the letters C/TR and then the paint code follows.

Hokuriku Service Branch. The first position determines the country of the manufacturer.

M - Baja, California, USA


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