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The study commented on potential variance in results due to gender and explained how they had adjusted for this. The authors clearly set out their objective and gave detailed information on where the study was set, where participants were chosen from, details of the intervention and main outcome measures at the start of the paper. In contrast the four RCTs included in this review were all conducted on patients with diagnosed GAD and CBT and was delivered in a primary care setting. Although like there are many topics related to Abnormal Psychology I want to research one topic in particular. Topics: Anxiety, Caregiver, Clinical Psychology, Confirmation Bias, Neuroscience, Research, Topics: Anxiety, Clinical Psychology, Health Care, Major Depressive Disorder, Pain, Palliative Care. The Most Effective Treatment For Anxiety Disorders. Psychotherapy is another treatment that involves talking with a trained mental health professional and working to the root of an anxiety disorder. Stressful events may also be causes or triggers of anxiety. If severe, adverse, or unexpected effects occur after taking any prescribed medications, be sure to update a physician. The authors found that, apart from reducing anxiety in patients, psychotherapy also functions to improve the quality of life of the patients. In most cases, they also experience sleeping problems. In this respect the first two studies are somewhat better designed, as they compare CBT to interventions which involve a similar contact. Several studies of anxiety in older adults have been conducted using community or senior centre volunteers with self-diagnosed, subjective anxiety symptoms and therefore the findings from these studies may not be applicable to a clinical population. I am preparing to meet with a newly admitted client, F.A., whom has been medically diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Study for free with our range of university lectures! Stress is essential for survival.

People who feel uncomfortable in a given situation or near a certain object will begin to avoid it. In primary care, as in other fields of medical practice, it is essential that doctors are able to apply the findings of scientific research to the circumstances of individual patients as part of their clinical decision-making process. (2011) conducted a quantitative meta-analysis that focused on determining the effectiveness of virtual reality exposure therapy in treating the problem of anxiety disorder. Opris, D., Pintea, S., García-Palacios, A., Botella, C., Szamosközi, S. & David, D. (2011). Free resources to assist you with your university studies! In aIDition, psychotherapy has long-term benefits while the use of medicines may not have long-term benefits. Separation Anxiety Disorder in Youth: Phenomenology, Assessment, and Treatment. Avoid alcohol, cannabis, and other recreational drugs. Basic civil human rights is a privilege every human is entitled too. When used to treat anxiety disorders the principle methods include education and awareness, motivational interviewing, relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, exposure, problem-solving skills training and behavioural sleep management. Similarly to the last study, this study used not only self-reported scores but also independent clinician rated scores.

An individual planning to adjust their approach to treating anxiety disorders after a long period of taking anti-depressants should consult their doctor about how best to move away from medications. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 58(4), 214-230. Web of Knowledge was also used as it encompasses not only MedLine but also other databases such as the Social Sciences Citation Index. These leaders were spread across the two interventions and each leader chaired at least one CBT group and one DG in order to avoid confounding the effectiveness of the therapist with the effectiveness of the therapeutic model. I chose to specifically focus on RCTs as this is the strongest study design for testing cause and effect relationships.

These conditions are not only manageable but also are within the realms of fully being eliminated through the active therapeutic channels and regular counter habits. Some studies have focused on CBT, which is a subset of psychotherapy.

The results derived from the study indicated that CBT led to similar effects as the effects of ACT in treating the disorder. A person may develop or inherit a biological susceptibility to anxiety disorders. The disorder is common in later life, with a prevalence of 11.2% in primary care where older adults most often seek treatment and overall is more prevalent than either severe cognitive impairment or depression in the over 65s. An RCT published February 2003 entitled “Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in older adults”, compared CBT with a discussion group (DG) and patients receiving no treatment on a waiting list period (WL). Therapists who practice CBT may use interpersonal therapy (IPT) to help their clients develop coping skills, encourag… Most people experience feeling of anxiety before an important event, so what separates these feeling from true mental disorders?

She was briefly hospitalized when her mental state exploded. Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia is a chronic anxiety disorder marked by fear and excessive self-consciousness […], The average human blinks about 15-20 times per minute. The discussion group was organized around worry provoking topics and was designed to be structurally comparable to CBT. Anxiety disorders are illnesses that fill people’s lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear that are chronic, unremitting, and can grow progressively worse.

If anxious reactions are severe from the outset, for example taking the form of panic attacks, seek treatment. The mental health professional should carry out thorough screening of mental illnesses on the patient using either interview method or questionnaires. Reference this. The perception that communication disorder equates to total affliction is broad. The symptoms that symbolize the conflict would then disappear. Participants in both CBT and DG were asked to spend approximately 30 minutes a day on homework exercises. Olanzapine and risperidone have been invented recently, but evidence on their level of effectiveness is not yet conclusive (Jacobsen & Heather, 2011). TREATMENT MODALITIES Ehrenreich, J. T., Santucci, L. C., & Weiner, C. L. (2008). All the studies gave detailed information on how the participants were randomized and how drop-outs were dealt with and had a follow-up period of at least 6 months. Unlike previous studies this trial did not include any participants currently receiving medication for their GAD or associated symptoms in order to assess the effectiveness of CBT alone and not in conjunction with medication. The researchers developed CBT based on the relapse prevention and risk reduction approaches.

This trial compared CBT with non directive Supportive Psychotherapy (SP), a form of therapy which involves education, guidance, listening to the patient and encouraging expression of emotions. Benzodiazepines: These are only available on prescription, but they can be highly addictive and would rarely be a first-line medication. However, they recommend different approaches for carrying out psychotherapy than those that are recommended in the previous section. Patient’s underwent two separate diagnostic interviews conducted by two different evaluators over a period of at least two weeks. The authors commented on effect sizes and stated that the effect sizes for symptom improvement were comparable to or greater than those in recent primary care studies of younger adults with GAD and older adults with depression. This is not an example of the work produced by our Nursing Essay Writing Service. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of However, the authors of this trial argue that by failing to include a waiting-list control group they alleviated the need to withhold treatment from any patients, which could be deemed ethically questionable. In contrast the four RCTs included in this review were all conducted on patients with diagnosed GAD and CBT and was delivered in a primary care setting. Treatment There are ways to treat Anxiety Disorder. Is an RCT an appropriate study design to answer this question? Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays. A Randomised Control Trial, conducted by M A Stanley et al. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. The results derived from the studies indicated that the method is quite effective in treating anxiety disorders especially in cases where the problem is caused by phobia. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Examples of these questions are as follows. Free resources to assist you with your nursing studies! Also, the role of treating patients with the disorder should be given to health professional with adequate training in treating mental disorders. & Brown, G (2009). Vega, G., Tarraf, W. & Neighbors, W. (2012). This is a useful addition to the trial as a patient’s satisfaction with a treatment method has a big impact on adherence and possibly symptom improvement. In doing so, you will be able to write the best outline, introduction, and conclusion for an anxiety essay. This trial compared CBT with non directive Supportive Psychotherapy (SP), a form of therapy which involves education, guidance, listening to the patient and encouraging expression of emotions. Suggestions for future trials include RCTs comparing the effectiveness of group CBT compared with individual CBT for older adults and trials comparing CBT with anxiolytic medications such as benzodiazepines. I conducted initial research using textbooks and the internet and then used different databases to search for relevant papers and articles. After searching through the results, reading abstracts and dismissing articles which weren’t relevant to this topic or freely available, 4 articles were chosen to be included in this review. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional, New vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease shows potential in mice. Researchers are starting to find and use different types of technologies for phobias; For example, FMRI and PET. A study carried out by Mendlowicz and Stein (2014) carried out a systematic review to determine ways of improving quality of life of individuals suffering from anxiety disorder. All work is written to order. In some cases, a person can manage anxiety at home without clinical supervision. The authors chose to use group CBT rather than individual, one-on-one CBT as they believed that the loss of social support often experienced as a consequence of ageing indicated the potential benefits of group treatment. Arch, J. J., Eifert, G. H., Davies, C., Vilardaga, J. C. P., Rose, R. D. & Craske, M. G . This is a particularly pertinent issue considering the side effects associated with anxiolytics and old age, as previously mentioned. Everyone has some sort of phobia whether they realize it or not. The researchers carried out a quantitative analysis of data that was gathered from 28 participants with persistent anxiety disorders. This paper gives a brief description of the diagnosis The search was also limited to include articles which had both these terms in the title and in the abstract. Doctors recommend several exercises and techniques to cope with brief or focused bouts of anxiety, including: Standard treatment for anxiety involves psychological counseling and therapy. This trial had a follow-up assessment period of 6 months which is relatively short compared to the other studies in this review, one of which has a follow-up period of 15 months.


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