trucker path actively monitored
Renders Trucker Path completely useless... Having issue keeps saying can’t load parking status. This app has helped so much. Admiral Whiskers's Review of Trucker Path. Done that and still it asks. . This app is not worth a flip. Kinda weird. Opps,They are scammers, I reinstalled the app and lost the annual subscription!!! Check f.e. I like the app so far. Excellent resource. Horrible app at the moment ! Thanks, Great for new drivers. Please fix. You used to be able to click on “Directions” and it would open the directions in the app of your choosing. Most important app for truck drivers! Disappointed and unpaid's Review of Trucker Path, This app stopped working yesterday on my iPhone. Haven’t really had it that long to give 5 stars yet. I guess the developers stop caring about updating it. I wish I didn’t update! *News Flash: They’ve been required since December 2017. Best truckers app!!! It was so convenient before like a earth and heaven. I mean the when we make are routes and than just put the app in the back round we should not have to re-enter are route to see where we are going. Ever since the last update I am unable to show access my premium subscription features...keep trying to sign in and out. I paid for a year of the premium but it's not very premium when there is no consistency with the app. Previously I would have rated this app as a 5 star app. It won't open.. iPhone X, Just_call_me_Matt's Review of Trucker Path. Now, TA and Presto, have our contract for all repairs. This is 2018. Newest update for iPhone X crashes when trying to open. I’m guessing......NO! Please go back to the original way, Horrible new update, routes it used to find it can’t anymore, the directions option isn’t linked to the GPS anymore they just made this very inconvenient now, overtheroadtrucker's Review of Trucker Path. This is an app for drivers to quickly and safely navigate to find safe and legal truck parking and services, not to p!#% people off and waste their time with bad UI and UX. When will you make the gps work for commercial trucks? I have been working at Trucker Path full-time for more than 3 years. I like planning my routes with this app against my high priced Rand McNally. I’ve tried twice to make contact with someone at trucker path regarding my premium membership and I have yet to get a response. I’m a professional driver. After 5 or 6 restarts I might be able to click on a truck stop. Or did you guys sell out to the government ? Covers all your needs as a trucker for advanced info. I can't imagine not having this app. Please fix. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. Customize your profile with branded content, Find a Great First Job to Jumpstart Your Career, Learn How to State Your Case and Earn Your Raise, Trucker Path is America's largest trucking community with nearly 750,000 truck drivers as active users, equating to over 35 percent of all long-haul truckers. Crashes before ever opening now. I have found this app not to be always true. A must for the professional driver or a traveling businessman. Would like that option fixed if possible. Prediction is great tho!! Also updating amount of truck parking shouldn’t be the meter it’s slow. Use to be great but new version not so much. Map doesn’t center on my location. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Trucker Path, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. But if I enter a truck stop I want to go to y’all can tell me how far I am from it!!! Can somebody tell us..why most of the reviews at almost all weight stations are 2years old?? ‍♂️ How do I get the previous version back? Now gives new ones and don’t like that. I’ve been using this app for years and it’s the best. Plus the new dial style parking meter is less accurate than old way of marking the open spaces. What raises my blood pressure about new developers is how they have convinced themselves that they know best and will refuse to acknowledge user hostile UI or UX and will wait until users leave the platform before finally addressing what should have never been broken in the first place, or they lazily refuse to stop working on that one bug from the one user who they got a crash in the log from and wait a million releases before fixing the UI. But like most trucking apps it realize us truckers to input accurate information so, everyone is correctly informed. It doesn’t work for addresses either. Even attempted to repurchase it, Apple says I already purchased but TP says it cannot connect to itunes! Automatic distance feature and highway exit numbers are listed as soon as you click on a location. Doesn’t matter what I choose: only while using or always. Zero value customer service.. First off, a big thank you to the dev team for making search a little better in the new UI. This is not a secret that this is the first app many of as CDL holder get once we get on the road. Until December 2017 Google Maps showed exit numbers for interstate highways in the USA. Please fix issues. I would pay alot of money for this app if trucker gps is added! Not looking for hookers especially one that would do you fools looking. That’s not following GUI/ UI/UX best practices and frustrates me daily. Used to be able to click on directions and it would open up maps and navigate you there. 0-1% should be “full”. Bring back restaurant info. It is clean, minimal, and offers a very expedient means of attaining necessary information. North America’s most popular app for Truckers. Not happy. Don't keep the "meter" for parking availability. Used to be a 5 Star app. All the trucker gps systems are insanely expensive. Excellent app, weigh station and truck stop locators are great. This is one of the best apps for monitoring truck stop parking availability, weigh station status, and fuel prices. Here’s Exactly What to Write to Get Top Dollar, How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates! There is no filter to stop it from sending your truck down a road that says no trucks or no vehicle over 10,000 pounds. Would be nice to get notifications of open weigh stations that are on favorites list. I am considering to deleting this app. Trucker path is a great way to monitor available truck parking and scale house open or closed. It’s user hostile and keeps me from encouraging others to try the app out. Reviews of locations, in-app, are mostly accurate and very helpful at finding quality stops. midwest tomahawk's Review of Trucker Path, Still having problems loading stuff. People who update info seem heads up. Rand McNally has been putting mile markers in their Atlas’s even back in the 1970’s. Update 5/23/18: App is working great again. Many options previously available are only available with paid subscription. As a trucker driver, I use this app everyday! Please fix! It makes driving a lot more user friendly. Otherwise this would be a great app. It used to work great. I have used this app occasionally over time. I’ve tried reinstalling after deleting all the data and it don’t help. But it is also ridiculous. This app definitely comes in handy with trip planning. No internet connection. Need to be able to revert to prior versions. Awesome job all the way around! The direction option, that would use google or Apple maps has been replaced. Good luck with being greedy and not taking into consideration why people actually used this app. It's nice to look at the route, and nice to know the stops. I use this app along with the Jacks Report. Getting directions worn take it to the google maps anymore ... was very helpful :( also has been very glitchy in general! Reviews sometimes won’t show up, along with other features, dragan milosevic's Review of Trucker Path, Thx guys for switching back an older version of app, I just noticed you no longer have a choice for which maps app you want to use to get to a location. High recommend, sure wished we could clear recent searches and trip routes. Great app helps me trip plan. The international market for freight brokerage alone, which is where Trucker Path specializes, is worth $150 billion annually. It’s a slow and not-so user friendly workflow. Location of scales rest areas. I’m sick of being in the middle of something and being asked to rate parking. It’s nice to know what’s ahead of you and what to expect, it’s such a time saver. Works good without subscription. It was way better before, I use this religiously. This means that I not only have to login every time but I have to delete the app, reinstall to get old interface, login and restore purchases before I can simply get night mode. One thing I found I have my phone side ways, length wise. If a health care professional gave the wrong blood to a patient it would be a catastrophic and unforgivable error. For a while you could still see exit numbers in the Trucker Path app. The only way to revert back is to delete the app and reinstall. I’d be willing to pay $50-$100 for a good app. I just began to use Beta, I'll keep you posted, Virg Happy Trails. MacroPoint automatically communicates arrival, departure & location to partners. Useless. Keep up the good work devs! They took away routing using outside maps, so no longer useful. Devs, why do you keep messing with the code/UI? Navisphere Carrier® helps C.H. I have good internet. I have messaged support twice about this issue over the past ten days with no response! Great way to make a great app bad thanks. For instance, (real life) there are around 10 parking spots on this huge track stop. Truckstop – Trucking, Loads, Freight,Fuel,Payments, FourKites CarrierLink-The Ultimate Trucker Toolkit, Cookies help us deliver our services. Trucker Path simply cannot search for specific truck stops/ parking locations/addresses other than within its predefined limitations, which is basically unusable. The greatest thing was the in-App map to google map and go! It needs lot of improvements, Johnny living room's Review of Trucker Path. The new dial for updating parking is terrible. Only way I can get it to spin is to open a few spots and the info for the place opens right so when I close it the map is magically spun the right way. Perhaps stop with all the propaganda and stick to your original concept? COME ON GUYS!!! Please go back to the original version of letting me use Apple maps or google maps, the new system don’t even let you click on the address to copy and paste on to Apple maps or google maps, pleas go back, please !!!! please fix or allowed hyperlink to open google maps. Could you please fix that glitch? Thanks, Now you can’t see comments, or restaurants, reviews. When you edit letter combinations like “mf” in the middle of a word, it makes it very difficult to understand what the already confusing review is really trying to say. The app itself is fine, but the free version is basically the same as the premium. Google switches to night mode automatically (no charge) as does the TRUCK SPECIFIC GPS on my dash. This app is no longer useful since the map feature no longer works. I was wondering if we were charged every month for using the app. Can’t load statuses, can’t open reviews, can’t contact support... not sure what the last update fixed but it broke a lot more. I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this problem. Important buttons especially on a GPS app aren’t supposed to disappear or move. However, it updated this morning and now it won’t open. It gives you miles away to a particular stop. Open the app and planned a trip first route had me going onto a no truck highway not going to try this again. It happened about 2 or 3 updates ago. I think this app could make a lot of money if they developed this featured in the app and charged a reasonable price for it. Just wish there was a way to see spot inspections, It is a very useful application, excellent for Truckers and Companies. Not even opening. Tried to go to chat with response.


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