update computer group membership over vpn
I hope you are talking about user access token. I needed to force Windows to reevaluate its group membership while connected to the VPN. When a remote user changes their domain password using CTRL ALT DEL change password while connected to the company VPN or changes their user password on a terminal server and then locks and unlocks their screen on their laptop to get the new domain password, Get-WmiObject Win32_LogonSession | Where-Object {$_.AuthenticationPackage -ne 'NTLM'} | ForEach-Object {klist.exe purge -li ([Convert]::ToString($_.LogonId, 16))}. The computers would be skipped because they are offline BUT When the computer is turned back on group policy will auto-refresh. Great link. The user won’t be able to access this shared folder without logoff. ... if speed was the issue, why would the computer policy update but not the user? User Group Policy not updating via "gpupdate /force" over VPN. A service ID is used for running a Windows service and no logon/logoff is allowed. To update group membership and apply the assigned permissions or Group Policies, you need to restart the computer (if a computer account was added to the domain group) or perform a logoff and logon (for the user). How frequently do you have the BES Client refreshing the AD information? If you want to use the PowerShell command to force an update on all computers you can use these commands: The above commands will pull in every computer from the domain, put them into a variable and run the commands for each object in the variable. That is, to run the update as soon as they go online. When an internet machine connects to the VPN, it will continue scanning against the CMG software update point over the internet. It looks like it’s the default of every 12 hours as that value isn’t being set in the registry currently. Because of the “expense” of querying AD data (the time it takes AD to respond vs the amount of time the client remains active, hence the long refresh window), I try not to rely on AD properties for Actions. If client side, have him VPN in and then run gpupdate from the command line. The Active Directory User information (For the logged on user) updates when the user logs in. How to Bulk Modify Active Directory User Attributes, © 2020 Active Directory Pro, All rights reserved, GPResult Tool: How To Check What Group Policy Objects are Applied, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/gpupdate. There are a couple of mistakes. Since they never actually log out and back in again their token never gets updated UNLESS I force a restart of the BigFix agent while they are on VPN which seems to do the trick. Thanks, that was very useful and exactly what I needed to apply Computer Policies over vpn, This is the single greatest tip I have ever read. I had this happen during a DirectAccess deployment recently, where I needed the DirectAccess GPO to apply to a permanently remote device. explorer.exe M: The reason this works is because your connection of the mapped drive effectively creates a logon session on the remote fileserver. You could always try reducing the Refresh period to something like 4 hours, but you’ll jam up your BES clients and the AD servers if you set it too low. What happens if the computer is not online? Sometimes (and I do not know why) it is necesary reboot the client computer for update the internal permissions on NAS folders. The best way to retrieve user rights (with VPN or on the corporate network) is the lock/unlock session !! Richard Mueller - MVP Enterprise Mobility (Identity and Access). Thanks What I like best about SAM is it’s easy to use dashboard and alerting features. In order to do more automation and empower other teams in our organization I am interested in deploying software to users via Active Directory group memberships. This will run a group policy update on all computers. However, the remote users cannot do that with their current VPN software. Reason is that due to the Corona Virus all employees work from home and they may or may not open their VPN to connect to the office network. The This works very fine !! If the user logs into the endpoint using Cached Credentials (used when the Domain Controller is not accessible at login time), I don’t know that the user session will ever update it’s User Group memberships. >>>and unlock a PC where you were logged in with your old password, In Windows 2012 you can now force an immediate update using the powershell invoke-GPUupdate cmdlet. You can update an individual OU or a parent OU and it will update all sub OUs. Are you doing lan-to-lan or client side? Does not work if its “User related”. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Updating Active Directory user group memberships over VPN, Active Directory Group Members Not Populating In BigFix Automatic Computer Group. 1. With Windows Server 2012 and later versions, you can now force a group policy update on remote computers from the Group Policy Management Console. Hey, good article. I prefer to use Tattoos. It also has the ability to monitor virtual machines and storage. net use M: /d /y I wasn't aware of that blog post, but note the suggested command to refresh the local computer token is: That's correct - you can purge/refresh the Kerberos token dynamically. Does the information containing the update to the user account password also contain the updated security groups? This is the equivalent to running GPUpdate.exe /force from the command line.. The computer will then re-evaluate its group membership and apply the appropriate GPOs, including the much needed DirectAccess GPO. There are a few different methods for remotely updating group policy. This method is super easy and allows you to run an update on a single OU or all OUs. 24 hours or a week). but I need to get the report for other online user on target computer. http://setspn.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/updating-servers-security-group.html, I just wanted to check this doesn't happen automatically after a time (i.e. Remote Users Cached Credentials and Security Group Changes Over VPN etc. You will need Powershell installed as well as the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Reset Local Group Policy Settings in Windows, Windows Couldn’t Connect to the GPSVC Service. What if you need to update a computer’s group membership when the computer is away from the network? You can get the list of groups the current user is a member of in the command prompt using the following commands: The list of groups a user is a member of is displayed in the section The user is a part of the following security groups. I would rather not do this as there could be another BigFix process running at the time that could be interrupted. You can check that the TGT ticket has been updated: The shared folder to which access was granted through the AD group should open without user logoff. The VPN server is a member of the domain. Then you can use all your mappings as per usual. Method 2: Using Group Policy Management Console. net use M: \\\Archivos /persistent:Yes You can verify the group membership using whoami /all Klist is a built-in system tool starting from Windows 7. The first time you will probably need some manual efforts to push the script to all the users via GPO, but as soon as all of them have it, the GPO will be updated each time they successfully join the AD network over VPN. If user hary log into COMPUTER02 , and my account is alex , then I run above command on my computer, it will update the computer policy settings on COMPUTER02 for sure, but the question is: it will update the user of harry’s policy settings or my account alex’s policy settings on COMPUTER02 (let’s say my account also log into COMPUTER02 before)? The scenario you are describing simply reflects the fact that the user needs to provide a new password in order to authenticate against a DC that is aware of the password change. Above question comes from bellow experience: 2. how to get policy report (like gpresult /r) for a user on a remote computer ? What happens with computers that are off-line when the command is issued? Open an elevated command prompt and run: klist -lh 0 -li 0x3e7 purge Open an elevated command prompt and run: klist -lh 0 -li 0x3e7 purge. To update security group membership on a computer, we need to restart the computer to take effect. You would need a 3rd party tool or a GPO start script to accomplish this. Will this “wait” for it to come online or do I need to run this sporadically hoping that eventually I’ll catch them all? For Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 klist is installed as a part of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools. It will quickly spot domain controller issues, prevent replication failures, track failed logon attempts and much more. You can also subscribe without commenting. I suppose adding a gpupdate /force for the logged on user account when they connect to VPN might do the trick but I don’t know if that process will in fact force the client to evaluate new group memberships for the logged on user as well. just locking the screen will not update it. One of the challenges of using security groups for computer account administration is that, like users, computer accounts determine their group membership at logon, which for a computer happens at boot time. The only downside to using this command is that the clients will get a CMD screen pop up like below. I have written blog articles discussing this option: XP & Win7: will their laptop user profile also receive an updated SID that contains any changes to the user's group memberships? by Captain Tight-Pants. Right-click the selected OU, and click Group Policy Update…. To update group membership and apply the assigned permissions or Group Policies, you need to restart the computer (if a computer account was added to the domain group) or perform a logoff and logon (for the user). In such cases, you can update the account membership in Active Directory groups without computer reboot or user re-login using the klist.exe tool. In this case you can purge your computer Kerberos ticket on behalf of  NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. I needed to force Windows to reevaluate its group membership while connected to the VPN. How to Configure Google Chrome Using Group Policy ADMX Templates? This first method uses a built in command on the client computers called gpupdate. Tip: Method 1 is best for older clients, Method 2 and 3 are for systems running 2012 and later. Changing Desktop Background Wallpaper in Windows through GPO, Managing User Photos in Active Directory Using ThumbnailPhoto Attribute. i want to update Computer settings for a list of computers, how can i achieve that? Does klist/kerbtray allow remotely connected VPN users to receive a token containing changes to their user account's security group memberships without logging off and on? It looks like this in the client log: At 15:10:28 -0500 - User interface process started for user 'strawgate' At 15:10:39 -0500 - ActiveDirectory: User logged in - Domain: AD User: strawgate ActiveDirectory: Refreshed User Information - Domain: AD User: s….


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