uranus in taurus transit 8th house
My father’s lover wants me to do everything myself without lawyers, and she keeps pressuring me to do things her way… but transiting Saturn is sitting right on top of my natal Mars in the 3rd house, making my natural impatience suddenly very cautious. Very transformative and liberating stuff… just not sure where it’s leading to.”” They come crashing out of the primordial wilderness and bash against the garden walls of Ego City. You join an astrology group. Sudden parting of the ways with bosses. Your routines for keeping calm are thrown up in the air. Where’s the real stuff? In reality, each such individual is intended to join the ranks of the group that is birthing, midwifeing, bringing in the next age. Change stuck beliefs. You unexpectedly, but doggedly, pursue alternative ways to get pregnant. I ignored my mother’s drama. If you have Uranus in the eighth House of sex, power, mystery, merging and shared resources (ruled by Scorpio energy) then you’re probably very good at dealing with change, in fact, it’s probably something you welcome into your life with gusto! Tranquility on the rocks. Best wishes and blessings to you in your evolutionary leap , Hi, thanks for your reply. I can see it with myself, but seeing it in another is a great honour, thank you for sharing. Will also respond to your other comments re drama triangle etc in another post if that’s ok. ? You want to earn money with your public persona. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. I am blown away. My whole life I have felt like i’ve been stuck in the middle of them which is interesting that in my natal chart my Moon in Taurus is in oppisition with my Saturn in Scorpio and my Venus in Scorpio. Also at this same time I had a very weird health issue come up where by pretty much everything I ate upset and hurt my stomach. A gift within what sometimes feels like a curse. it’s at 1.45’ of Scorpio. When Mars is operating through the 8th House a person’s will is eroded to a greater or lesser degree by the conflict between head and the heart. October 2019 When Mars is working through the 8th House, anger and aggression, regardless of whether they are expressed in words, tends to elicit a similar response from others, and this transit frequently indicates a frustrating and fraught time. Keep calm and spend time with family. April 2012 Rocky conversations. Personal issues like family tend to be shown in areas like the 4th house or in certain planets. Keep calm and dig into your relationship. I am really happy that you shared your experience. If you feel taken for granted then you suddenly want to feel more worthy. All of the above refer to the interception of a pair of opposite signs. Does that just contradict my first sentence LOL, “Yum yum – my Scorpio side in in the 3rd, it loves to dig deep and find out what makes people and things and myself tick.”. Sudden interest in global money markets. Not only do they behave differently from the norm, they also affect the signs which they rule, making them seem partially or wholly intercepted as well. Your kids dig their heels in and rebel through stubbornness. (Rest assures, that’s how it appears from the outside, even if it doesn’t always feel like it!). Little tremors in your home life. Keep calm and climb the mountain anyway. Pluto I have in second house Libra. What I mean by that is I can look at them and know stuff about their personality, deep stuff about who they are. Shocking deaths. I have to get my astrology connections from new places now. Having a natal Saturn/Moon aspect can be challenging, your emotions may feel as though they’re always restricted in some manner, Pluto touching both of those with harmonious aspects may help to release and transform your emotional landscape. Xoxo, I think everyone is feeling a bit of that… you know… OMG not more of this stuff! Make do with less. There’s a file online which is an extensive collection of info from various astrologers on Pluto in signs and houses (the link is called ‘Pluto in the 1st house’ but it has more than that) – http://www.scribd.com/doc/31151867/1/Natal-Pluto-in-1st-House – if you look at the info about Pluto in Libra and in the 2nd, it gives an interesting perspective on the issues connected to values, the personal versus those of others. The challenge to the individual is to find their own intrinsic sense of dignity, self worth and self control. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. UGHH It can get intense and serious, but it is not necessarily negative. It got to the point I was getting too scared to eat anything. You are shocked to discover that no matter how open minded you think you are, you have an entrenched mindset that won’t budge. Transit Uranus in 8th House During this period, you will be feeling powerful subconscious forces that can disrupt your life through unexpected and shocking events. You start spending more money on erotic stuff. My mother is the Narc though, my father, a co-dependent enabler. The concept is interesting, how it is used by humans is another. May 2020 So unless it’s one of your personal planets, Uranus’ influence (similarly to outer planets Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter) is more sweeping, broader and far-reaching than, say, Mercury. Keep calm and carry on expressing yourself. just looking at my transit chart now I see Chiron is also transiting my True node ( Gemini ) with a trine – it all looks amazing graphically – there was one day last week where I very very nearly had both a grand cross of transits ( including the Chiron return) and a grand trine ( including Uranus and the Asc) – it makes me laugh out loud its so cosmic, serious and silly all at the same time Blessings Karen. There’s a certain pressured sense that I have to wait the feeling out and squash my intense restlessness and boredom with myself and how things are. (And I’m so aware saying that makes me sound so arrogant… and I’m terrified of coming across as a Narc myself)…. I have Virgo and Pisces intercepted in my chart. There seems to be a link between Chiron in the 7th and NPD parents/relationships. Your kids are like bulls in a china shop. Now all close relationships tend to do that on some level, but with Pluto influencing your relationships at this time, you will feel as though you are living the story of Pluto and Persephone. is not a huge influence unless other elements int he chart put it into focus. Saturn in Scorpio was not making the thought of this as easy this time around, but we’ll see if this changes with the move to Sagittarius (planet of travel and horizons). February 2015 And just this morning a dream that I’m sure was referring to him and a traumatic past event. You want to buy big experiences. Pretty much anything goes on my blog where comments are concerned as long as people are considerate, which you definitely are, so no worries. This may be a deeply disturbing time of a person’s life as he struggles to come to terms with what Pluto is showing him about his own emotional nature. At the same time, you suddenly look around your home and get rid of those things that do not enhance the value and beauty of your living space. You sudden have the urge to acquire real estate. After playing with your chart for awhile, I am guessing that the birth occurred in the evening of January 7, 1969. You put your creative work out there. Learning About Interceptions T-Uranus conjuncting natal Mars – Wow! Perhaps the new job will come to you through a transformative relationship. Uranus may bring new, more individualistic and unusual forms of creative self-expression. Sudden upsets to your reputation. Keep calm and write down your ideas. Indeed, Pluto is pretty isolated except for a rather wide contraparallel with Neptune. I’ve discovered that generally, for someone to consider me as a possible partner their personal planets need to fall in my 7th house. Interpretation of transiting Uranus in Taurus through all twelve of the astrological houses. May 2014 I have no idea about widgets, posting, comments etc and am finding it all a tad confusing. Thanks so much for your support :-). . You start brainstorming on how to make money with your art. Otherwise there may be a more gradual detachment. February 2018 And it also ties in with Chiron in the 7th – why on earth would anyone want to keep a situation static if that situation causes pain – especially for a child, and a loved one!!! Uranus is transiting my 8th, Jupiter my 10th. You bounce around. He inspired me. This is, of course, complete conjecture. may exhaust the people around you, but for you, it’s simply part of life’s adventure! Saturn moving through the signs makes me take on some of the qualities of the sign it is currently in, and I feel very “Scorpionic”/ Plutonic right now. Your privacy isn’t secure. You’re learning to detach from fears that you’ve been too attached to. It seems that I am of the same generation as you and also have the pluto/uranus conjunction in the first house which is natally opposite chiron ( and also by transit as I am experiencing the chiron conjunction/return) in the 7th. Two fellow bloggers and friends who have similar placements are: http://pluranianrambullngs.com/ I’m going to bookmark this page because I’m pretty sure there’s a reason I stumbled upon it. But it did leave me in legal limbo. A transit of Mercury to the 8th House confers a perspective, which is coloured by intense emotional reactions. I have always struggled with such powerful energies, and have spent much of my life feeling like a freak who crash landed on Earth and then didn’t know how to get back to my planet of origin. September 2015 If you are not feeling the effects of one of them, such as Uranus in the 10th, it may be because the energy is stuck in the other one, Pluto in the 7th, waiting to be released.


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