vw camper interior kits
Ford TransitGot a LWB Transit T350 for conversion but because rear wheel drive roof is actually lower than a SWB semi high. Once the walls are lined you can add carpet, paint, etc. My van had 9mm ply lining the van. would this work? The lengthy process involves researching about appropriate interiors – Its size is a dual ended sword. Budget is $15K. If you are handy at DIY you could compromise. Compared to Class A motorhomes, they’re reasonably priced options. I purchased the van from a local trail riders club and they are all keen to see my new project take shape. Check with the manufacturers who can usually supply references from customers who have put their vans through this test. easier to park. Cheap snowboarding holiday!!! I noticed thinsulate is used by boat builders. Thanks.Great tip Frank. Any idea where I might find some info. SJS VW Camper Interiors is a company based in the UK. Please keep us up to date. I would like to raise it approx. Hi. No reason why not. My mum has a 20 year old Mitsubishi van given to her, she has put a bed in it and she wants me (her daughter) to lining the inside of it for her so she can travel australia. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p3984.m570.l1313&_nkw=transit+camper+conversion+kit&_sacat=See-All-Categories, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Camper-van-Conversion-Unit-Kitchen-pod-/130521584944?pt=UK_Campervan_Caravan_Accessories&hash=item1e63b15530#ht_731wt_1141, http://www.loot.com/advert/honda-odyssey/4646816, http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/show-us-your-van-motorhome/6325-my-conversion-work-progress.html, https://www.campervanlife.com/nissan-vanette-camper-ex-disabled-vehicle, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-T4-Transporter-Camper-Van-Interior-Panels-Full-Set-/270538143074#ht_1098wt_1167, https://www.campervanlife.com/galleries/1/3156/3184, https://www.campervanlife.com/galleries/1/3156/3191, http://www.ecohome-insulation.com/?i=38452, https://www.campervanlife.com/building/legal, https://www.campervanlife.com/forum/campervan-conversions/transit-hitop. Paired with a Reimo roof and 130cm RIB bed. then you ave to send this form to the insurance company before they will insure you. Sewfine VW Interior Products is the original and most renown creator of custom interior kits for Volkswagen. This was screwed directly to the metal struts of the van frame. Thinsulate – ThermafleeceUse thermafleece not thinsulate. convertingdear Sir i want to go back home and go cross country. ldv van lwb and high roof Hi, I am looking at turning my ldv lwb high roof into a camper. now for insureance, when you come to insureing your self converted campervan your likely to need an engineers report(also there are not many companies who will insure self converted vans). THis will work . Help!. http://www.loot.com/advert/hohttp://www.loot.com/advert/honda-odyssey/4646816, ConversionsHello there. We now see many companies compromising quality and choices for price. I will probably have to replace the existing panelling then as it is only 3 mm hardboard with carpet cladding. Is there a pre fab kit I can install to have a kitchen or Bath area? Shipping now. The workshop/garage is presently big enough to drive a smart car into the back of! I’ve seen some on the internet but struggle to get some good ideas and a floorplan. with MY waist at 4ft (yes 48inches) plus the wife, I would worry about the springs. Stuart. Can anybody help me in where/how do I start! I thank you once again for all your help and will send you some pics once the conversion starts. that doesn’t mean they can’t be packed with all sorts of amenities. They need to be stored upright, and securely. Do you know if there is a kit available to build a single bed along side wall of van with storage underneath. Do you know any panel van that does have a pull down bed? Airhead Parts offers thousands of hard to find parts for your vintage Volkswagen or VW, including interior parts for your Bug, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 or Thing. They provide unmatched quality custom interior work. Ive become a bit anal about things as ive gotten a little older (26! 5th wheel vs. Gooseneck: Which is better for you? Sorry for the late reply. I have just put rock wool behind the ply on the walls i have also layed insulation down on the floor and put ply over the top. determineModelSubmodelText(selectedModel, selectedSubmodel) : 'Select Your Vehicle' }}, {{ (selectedModel) ? You can buy complete DIY kits already made, then just fit it yourself. Airtec InsulationI found this supplier of Airtec Insulation while browsing.


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