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Let’s assume you’re in the market for something for your Piper. “We stock new surplus OEM parts for many aircraft, engines, props and accessories,” explained Dale Miller, marketing manager for Preferred. #1 SALES/SATISFACTION. “Any rejected parts are mutilated and scrapped,” Dodson explained. Something went wrong. This RV8A has about tt 550 SNEW and flys great! With over five million in-stock aircraft parts and new parts for aircraft arriving each week, you will receive Fast, Easy & Experienced Service!. “We part everything from Tomahawk to Cheyenne, and have parts from 1953 aircraft on up,” Dodson told me. Our experienced sales staff gives rapid response to your inquiries. ATTN: We are not allowing walk-in customers at this time. This convenient benefit is included with your membership, will definitely save you time and may even save you a little money, too. Contact Dodson International and access over 30 years of aircraft parts acquisitions! The three that did, however, are diverse enough to give readers and members a serviceable—if I may—representation of the parts market. “We sell everything you could find on an aircraft, and part just about any make and model,” explained J.R. Dodson, owner of Dodson International Parts, Inc. “This means any part on the aircraft: avionics, engines, props, interiors.”. Speaking of warehouses, all three of these companies utilize them—so please, cast away your visions of mouldering parts in a field in the middle of nowhere (it’s more like a field of roofs in the middle of nowhere). Wholesale - Used Aircraft Parts - Low prices - Engines, Avionics, Instruments, Airframes, Flight Controls. —Ed.). Wentworth Aircraft has the latest in Garmin Glass Panels! We list thousands of aircraft engines, avionics, propellers and airframe parts complete with details, photographs, pricing and online purchase options. We only have time to restore a few of these aircraft per year so many others we offer as excellent projects. (785) 878-8000 At this rate, by the time you read this story, an average of another dozen aircraft will have been delivered to the warehouse. Terms | Privacy | Sitemap “Piper aircraft as new as 2014 have been parted.” A check of the online inventory of Piper aircraft yielded results for parts from 285 discrete planes at Dodson International. (For further detail on return policies, circumstances and any exceptions, check with company representatives. Fast Aviation has joined the Propellerhead Aviation team! Please fee free to contact us with any questions or concerns. XPO-360-B1B6………….750 SMOH…………..$14,500.00. Piper Flyer reached out to several companies to provide information for this story; not all were able to respond by our deadline. air salvage of dallas, inc. 192mph true @10,500 7.4 gph Oregon Aero Seats, Dynon DM180 multi-function display, Panel w/Autopilot, AV30 ADSB Transponder, MGL Com … Piper Flyer Association - Technical Know-how, Serious Fun read more. Dodson stores its parts in warehouses as well, and the avionics inventory is kept in an anti-corrosive, anti-static, climate-controlled environment. Used Aircraft Parts | Wentworth Aircraft | Used Cessna Parts | Used Piper Parts, AIRSPEED 0-250 MPH/KNOTS ( CESSNA STYLE ) 3 1/8 ". Dodson employs A&P mechanics, IAs, commercial pilots and other FAA licensed personnel to advise and support its customers. The turbo system along with all electrical layout has been upgraded to correct many initial design issues with NXT. “Parts are cleaned and stored in a climate-controlled warehouse as needed.”. “The two best inspection tools are the eyes of an experienced inspector,” Steve Wentworth told me. Also, the term “new old stock” isn’t an oxymoron, it’s an accepted way to describe a manufacturer’s surplus. © 2020 Used Aircraft Parts | Wentworth Aircraft | Used Cessna Parts | Used Piper Parts. For others, availability isn’t an issue—until they find their plane is down for an unusually long time due to a simple part that’s difficult to locate, or perhaps worse, a common part that’s difficult to locate at a reasonable price. Wentworth Aircraft is the world's leading supplier of used aircraft parts for single-engine aircraft. “The majority of our parts are used,” Wentworth explained, “and we buy 150 to 175 aircraft every year.” Wentworth Aircraft’s inventory system groups parts by similar types, while identifying each part by the aircraft it was removed from. Terms | Privacy | Sitemap You can reach us at: 1-800-4WENTWORTH 1-800-493-6896. Designed by Minneapolis Online Marketing. Cessna and Piper parts are still the mainstays at Preferred but we have many new surplus parts for nearly anything that flies. The company was founded in 1982 and also stocks used parts, including many yellow-tagged and overhauled parts with 8130s. First of all, a yellow tag is somehow better than a green tag when it comes to airplane parts. Our current inventory of 2,800 aircraftoffers trace ability and historical records. This method works well for items like a gear leg, but the company also has a magneto test stand and other specialized equipment. Garmin, Aspen, Dynon, and Advanced Flight Systems!!! Our vast inventory of parts gives us the unique ability to return many aircraft to safe flight conditions and then offer these aircraft at a fantastic value. Contact Dodson International and access over 30 years of aircraft parts acquisitions! Many parts are available in overhauled condtition for immediate exchange to assist with your urgent needs. We also regularly part out Senecas, both single and Twin Comanches, and the occasional Tri-Pacer as well.”. “With so many parts to choose from, this allows our parts pullers to seek out the very best of several available parts,” Wentworth explained. (785) 878-8000 If you are looking for a specific part, contact these companies directly to inquire about availability and receive a quote. This is a truly special Glasair III built by a career aviation enthusiast. Preferred Richardson Hat - Navy Blue/Dark Grey. Recently traded in this beautifully built Vans RV8A on one of our aircraft. You may also reach us locally at 763 231 8484. Call Now! Competitive Prices & Shipping - You can also contact us at the Piper Flyer Association to make use of the parts locating service. White Industries, founded in 1956, is one of the largest and oldest suppliers to general aviation and commuter airlines of used airframe, engine, and avionics parts. Wentworth Aircraft is the world\'s leading supplier of used aircraft parts for single-engine aircraft. “We have most anything for these airplanes, including parts the factory can’t or won’t sell you. Parts from Dodson are guaranteed for 30 days, and Preferred will replace any defective or mismarked part with an acceptable part if notified within 30 days of sale. Learn more, PIPER FLYER ASSOCIATION © 2004 new Date().getFullYear()>2004&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear()); All Rights Reserved, « Q & A: A Patch Repair on a Straight-Tail Lance & the Pros & Cons of the Arrow III OEM Turbocharger, Airplane Maintenance for the DIYer: First Steps ». Together the combined team brings a stronger force to help keep aviation thriving. With over five million in-stock aircraft parts and new parts for aircraft arriving each week, you will receive Fast, Easy & Experienced Service!. But when you’re dealing mainly with used parts, it’s a must to ensure the integrity of your inventory. All joking aside, these three companies do have one thing in common: they dismantle an astonishing variety of aircraft that result in a huge number of saleable parts. Preferred Airparts has made New Surplus parts its specialty, with over 14 million new parts in stock at its Kidron, Ohio location. Airframe Aircraft was well cared for many years by the previous owner. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at Controller.com. We have removed all dated radios and avionics and prepared for customers to customize to their liking. Cotton/Poly Hoodie RESOURCES >>>>> Dodson International Parts, Inc. All parts can be packaged or crated for safe, secure shipping anywhere in the world. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Published in Maintenance & Technical. Texas Air Salvage, offers high quality used aircraft parts for general aviation aircraft from manufactures like Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beechcraft and more. Aircraft spent most of its life in Canada. Specializing in Cessna aircrafts, Sutton Aircraft Salvage, LLC has been putting old planes back in the air since 2011. Sport-Tek 9oz. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. Wentworth Aircraft in Crystal, Minn. is the largest volume buyer of aviation insurance company salvage airplanes in the world, reports company co-founder and CEO Steve Wentworth.


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