west game chat

How can I move my town near other towns in the same alliance? Pripisuje sa mu najvyššia dôležitosť.

I am constantly being overran by other alliances and being jailed. How do I increase my backpack in blacksmithing when I want to forge says I have no room plz increase back pack……where do I go todo this…..and if I’m on fire…..can it be put out…or most burn out? Are you a Chancellor? Calvary defeats Range Else, spend those Speed Ups to quickly finish the long upgrades ONLY after you have requested full aid from your Alliance (for the maximum construction speed decrease time). Is this restricted to a level and if so what level does this feature start? SCOTTY. How do I collect the 1000 hold it Saturday is available at this website? Silver mines pop up in water or at the edges. The chat window can also be dragged on the screen according to your needs. You just have to scroll around and look for them. By the time your troops get home the attack is over. The monument looks similar to a clock tower. As you look for an alliance to join, look around their area.

Pamätaj, že tvoje správy sa zobrazujú len v tebou nastavenej miestnosti. Closing the last chat room will close the chat display window. 3. A high level told me food can go to zero and it doesn’t matter. To open the chat window (if not already opened) click on the chat room you want to open by clicking on the chat room name in the left bottom corner of the screen under the "Rooms" tab. Share them with us down in the comments section below! If you are a fan of Wild West games, then West Game from the developers, LEXIANG CO., LIMITED will impress you a lot. West Game is an open world adventure game where you play as a cowboy to conquer the west world. Click on your warehouse (barn-looking building north of your tracks).

1. Random teleports being you to a random location and advance teleport being you to specific location. Click on the building you want to demolish. if you are then go to Alliance Tab at the bottom right of your screen, where your current HQ location is there is an arrow in a circle, press this and it takes you to the screen to move your HQ/Alliance Territory, yes, as long as your market is LVL10 or above.

V aliančnom chate sú oprávnení komunikovať medzi sebou členovia aliancie, v ktorej sa tvoje mesto nachádza. All chat rooms except the private chats show the number of participating users in the "Rooms" tab. HELP!!!!! Môžeš si meniť veľkosť chatovacieho okna podľa potreby, presuváť po celom hernom okne a taktiež je možné si chat … There are departments inside the alliance: combat, logistics, diplomatic. 2. Can you reinforce an alliance member being attacked while you have shield on?

JMO. In order to send a chat message privately to one player, click their name in the chat window then choose to "Whisper". You have entered an incorrect email address!

Each server has a public saloon chat room where a portion of all online players on that server are included in this chat. I believe you have to dissolve the alliance, I don’t think you can just ‘quit’ and no one like a quitter….JK. 4. Your army is using a lot more food than what your farms production. mine is # 10 his is # 11. how do i move to 11 ? If my town is on fire how do I put it out or can i? You can also just tap on them on the main screen in the middle bottom side, and that will take you exactly where you need to be for completing that quest. To open another chat room follow the same instructions. Was actually looking for cheats on getting gold. Once your town is strong enough, you will most definitely find an Alliance much easier. Oh, what is rss? You need a cross state teleport. 3) Attack other players. To send messages via chat, type your message in the box at the very bottom of the chat room and press "Enter" (or "Return" on a Mac). IDK as an alliance we can beat a 7mil force lvl3 gang but I would like to be able to solo a lvl 3 gang without needing t4 units my tc is lvl18 it’s gonna take forever to get to 21 than the research for t4 is probably a month if the trend continues. Smajlíky sú obrázky, ktoré môžete používať na chate. I have a friend also playing but he is in a different state. Of course, if you can’t find one at the very beginning of the game, then don’t worry! Chat je zapnutý len keď prebieha nejaký boj. Were at level 15 with only level two troops.

Can you move to another State? They will help you build the structures much faster, so if you are in a good and active Alliance, then you will basically build faster. how do you leave one state to go to another. 1) Send at least 20k level 2 Range to match his level 2 Range. I am unable to. Before attacking, first get a scouting report to show the enemy forces: The chat window has a Settings button . You are free to explore the land, discover new map, do hundreds of different activities to keep you busy in the game. 2. Set inactive visibility in percentage value. How do I rescue my sheriff before he’s executed? You won’t lose any troops, and any that you do you will get back, you may need to heal a small portion in the hospital, but if it were me, send them all. hope this helps. Therefore my suggestion would be that you upgrade the buildings as much as you can to be at the maximum for the current Town Center level, and whenever you make a new upgrade to the Town Center you go back and upgrade each and every building in part. I want to know what I am supposed to do for these events.


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