what happened to minnie mcmillian
Walter McMillian walked out of court into the arms of relatives after Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Pam Baschab granted a defense motion to drop all charges. The jury at Walter McMillian's trial was made up of eleven whites and one African American. All three prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimony. Mr. McMillian's case, which was given national attention last fall on the CBS News program "60 Minutes," played out in Monroeville, Ala., best known as the home of the Harper Lee, whose "To Kill a Mockingbird," told a painful story of race and justice in the small-town Jim Crow South. Mr. McMillian was convicted after a one-and-a-half-day trial on the testimony of three witnesses. LitCharts Teacher Editions. "The only reason I'm here is because I had been messing around with a white lady and my son married a white lady," he said last week in a prison interview. Mr. Stevenson also turned up statements from the time of the trial in which four doctors at a forensic hospital said Mr. Myers told them he was being pressured by law officers to lie about Mr. McMillian. Walter had a history of cheating on his wife, ...home. Roots of Suspicion. Innocence Is Clear, "The fortunate thing about Mr. McMillian's case is his innocence was demonstrable," he said. McMillian was to return to prison to gather his things and prepare for his return home. It was too easy for the state to convict someone for that crime and then have him sentenced to death. Our. Eight months later the police, arrested Ralph Myers, a 30-year-old with a long criminal record, in connection with another killing in nearby Escambia County. She is resilient, patient, intelligent and hospitable. During their first year together, they almost starved, with Walter working as a field hand for $14 per week. ", See the article in its original context from. The key witness against McMillian at his 1988 trial was Ralph Bernard Myers, who later recanted his story that he saw McMillian at the murder scene. Like Walter, she is from the poor black community just outside of Monroeville. Lessons to Learn, "I think everybody needs to understand what happened because what happened today could happen tomorrow if we don't learn some lessons from this," said his lawyer, Bryan Stevenson. The state built a case on suspect testimony and withheld crucial … Ronda Morrison, 18, was shot three times in the head and robbed while working at a dry cleaners in her hometown Nov. 1, 1986. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Because of the death sentence, Mr. McMillian's case was vigorously appealed, and eventually overturned. After turning down four appeals, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals threw out Mr. McMillian's conviction last week 5 to 0, leading to today's hearing. The court said the state had surpressed evidence that could have demonstrated his innocence or damaged the testimony of a key witness. His conviction was wrongfully obtained, based on police coercion and perjury; in the 1988 trial, under a controversial doctrine called "judicial override", the judge imposed the death penalty, even though the jury imposed a sentence of life imprisonment.


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