when did naruto and hinata get married
Because he was the fox's jinchūriki, Naruto was treated as an outcast by most of the villagers and his peers until he was twelve years old. Not only did she lose a friend, but her love was also rejected. Once he reunited with Hinata, she apologised to Naruto for her earlier act, but he replied that he understood why she had to do it, and he should be the one to apologise. [6] When Naruto successfully freed Son Gokū from Obito's control, Kurama finally became convinced of Naruto's word and offered to meld its chakra with his as a coalition, to which the young shinobi then removed the seal that restrained it and happily acknowledged the fox as his teammate and a member of Konohagakure. In the Mueller report, what are the SM-[number]-[word] documents in the footnotes? She always cared about Naruto. This is partly because of the anime's own focus on Naruto's crush on Sakura and Hinata's crush on Naruto, but it's also because of the nature of anime fandom. On the flip side, Hinata Hyuga has pined for Naruto since she was a child. This changed Naruto's worldview and gave him a new incentive to become Hokage. [66] Upon Neji's death, Naruto's resolve was shattered even further as Obito openly mocked Naruto for failing to protect his comrades. [7], Within that short space of time, the two had begun to express trust in one another, even to the point where Naruto would allow Kurama to take control of his body and switch back without conflict. Thanks for contributing an answer to Anime & Manga Stack Exchange! Some years following the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto attempted to restore some of Itachi's honour and reputation by revealing to the world that Itachi was responsible for the reincarnated shinobi to have been returned to the afterlife during the war, therefore ultimately assisting the Allied Shinobi Forces in emerging victorious in the war and saving the world, although Naruto continued to keep Itachi's real mission and goals of the massacre a secret to honour his promise to Itachi.[69]. During his training to control Kurama's power, Naruto tearfully embraced his mother Kushina Uzumaki when her chakra imprint came to his aid. [75][76] The tailed beasts had collectively agreed that Naruto was the one spoken about by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, and began to aid Naruto in fighting against the revived Madara,[77] and later Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, lending him their powers. Naruto's many friends, allies, and mentors. From the very beginning, Hinata was one of the few people who fully believed in Naruto. After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Naruto then reiterated his love for Hinata and stated that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, much to her happiness, and the two had their first kiss upon returning to Earth. Though he pretended to be Naruto's rival for the position of succeeding Hokage, Konohamaru has a deep and understanding of friendship with him. Lee ended up fighting Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto ended up fighting Neji. Naruto and Hinata are the perfect example of how opposites attract. As Sasuke once again left the village to travel the world, Naruto came to greet him and returned the forehead protector Sasuke had discarded following their first battle, with the surrogate brothers promising to one day skirmish again. Naruto's first child is a boy named Boruto, and his second child is a girl named Himawari. In the end, Naruto looked up to Obito for wanting to become Hokage, protect his friends, and make peace, something he had always related to, going so far as to call him "awesome". Unfortunately outside of the credits from The Last and the events leading up to them walking out there isn't really anywhere to see the actual events after they walk out. Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. After Minato and Kushina's death, Hiruzen looked after him. As he left, she vowed to become stronger, and to work as hard as he did. However, we cannot see the actual happenings anywhere. After recovering three days later, the broken-hearted Naruto fell into a state of great depression and came very close to giving up on everything. Having noticed the way the other villagers ostracised Naruto, Shikamaru seemed to be one of the first of their peers to see him as more than as a jinchūriki. When Naruto defeated Kabuto with a fully mastered Rasengan, Tsunade overcame her phobia to aid him and accepted the position of Fifth Hokage. Later, when both Naruto and Sasuke met Hagoromo and learning of their status as reincarnations, Naruto declared that even though they were not real brothers, he was confident that together they could change the world. Konohamaru records a congratulatory message from Sakura for Naruto and Hinata's wedding. During 'Family Day', despite being exhausted from work in the Hokage office, he was able to spend the entire day with Himawari. He tried using Hinata's cooking as a way to tempt Kawaki to stay at the Uzumaki household. However, she also missed him very much and was sad when he sent a shadow clone as a stand-in for her birthday party, and got worried when he disappeared during his fight with Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki. He also accepted that his negligence was indeed at least partly to blame for the way Boruto had turned out. Ultimately, it was because of Naruto that Tobi was finally exposed as Obito. It would be her admiration for Naruto and his actions that would make Sarada decide to make her dream of becoming Hokage. Oxford Scientists Developed Five-Minute COVID-19 Antigen Test, Details Inside, Animal Kingdom Season 5: Netflix Release Status, Haikyuu Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2 Release Date And Time, And SPOILERS, One Punch Man Season 3 Might Face And Delay, But The Wait Is Worth With New Actions And Characters. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The crushes and romantic interests are a magnet for fan obsession, and the anime itself invites that kind of interest and focus. Early on, her father deemed her a failure that was weaker than her younger sister. In later years, Naruto remained in contact with the tailed beasts whenever they needed to discuss important matters, or provide protection for each other.[12]. Sasuke, meanwhile, acknowledged Naruto as his best and only friend, but would have to kill him to "erase the past". Naruto and Hinata eventually get married of course. But their bond starts during the Chunin arc; despite their opposite personalities, they find themselves helping and encouraging each other in little ways. Is it safe to mount the same partition to multiple VMs? [25], During Pain's assault on Konoha, Hinata immediately came into the fray after she saw Naruto being pinned down by the Akatsuki leader. Naruto, in return, shows respect for B, calling him uncle. At the end of the movie in the credits, you can see the images of the wedding. However, we cannot see the actual happenings anywhere. However, Naruto reacted with relief when it turned out Sakura was Sarada's biological mother, and Sasuke was never unfaithful to Sakura, and he watched on as the Uchiha family reconciled. Later, when they had to fight matches in the exam, Naruto continued to cheer Hinata even though she was being brutally beaten up. Watching Naruto head off into battle, Tsunade looked on with an expression of nostalgia and pride on her face. This would make their child more suited as an underdog protagonist than Boruto who seems to have everything going for him. Seeing him sharing that same resolve, Lee was willing to let Naruto handle Neji in his stead before his injuries from fighting Gaara. After Nagato's reincarnation, he was shown to be kinder and carefree to the point he was even willing to start making jokes, something that surprised Naruto. He easily spots the perpetrators and when they try claiming they were just playing hide and seek, he tricks one of them into admitting to the vandalism, impressing Sadoru. [19], Two years after the war, Naruto found a teal and light blue striped scarf knitted by his mother and began treasuring and wearing it to honour her memory. Brought to tears by Naruto's resolve, Sasuke forfeited the fight, realising that he was always envious of Naruto, just like he had been of Itachi. Naruto is brash and very vocal about his feelings. Although Naruto's ties to Sasuke were his overall motivation for bettering himself, Sai began to feel what he believed to be anger towards Sasuke, becoming beyond redemption with all the grief that he caused for Naruto through his crime-riddled vendetta. From that day on, Naruto's undying devotion and desire to protect his loved ones inspired Gaara to take on a similar path. From the very first bell exercise with Kakashi to the final battle in the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura and Naruto have been with each other through thick and thin. Hinata has always been shy and has daydreamed about pairing off with Naruto from afar. Naruto and Hinata eventually get married of course. Here are several reasons why Naruto should've chosen Sakura and just as many reasons why Hinata is the one for him. After he leaves, the others discuss what he meant. In the end, Himawari was thrilled that she got to spend so much time with her father.[38][39]. His opinion of Naruto also strengthened after he last saw him, pointing out to Itachi that he wasn't surprised that Naruto was able to advance his control over Kurama's power since they both had studied under the same master. However, Neji comes to the reuse of both of them and is brutally hurt and dies. Despite their unique relationship, Naruto deeply cared for Hiruzen and was very saddened by his sudden death, to which he paid his respects to the Hokage at the ceremony for the sacrifices he made for the village. How can I quickly understand the basics of Naruto and the story without watching all 300+ episodes?


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