where to place citrine crystal on body

Perhaps you have a big presentation to give at work, a job interview, an important social event, or a first date. Citrine can absorb and then transmute this negative energy into positive energy. Our favorite way to use the Citrine crystal properties for boosting happiness is to create a crystal program for yourself. Your citrine necklace, bracelet or earrings can remind you to choose happiness, and to tap into the light and positive energy that is always available to you. Â, Carry: In addition to wearing the stone, carrying a Citrine stone in your wallet, purse or pocket allows you to bring positive energy with you wherever you go. 4 equal installments, every 2 weeks, at checkout, Select Installments by Afterpay as your payment method, Pay every 2 weeks, enjoy your purchase right away. Because citrine works on the third chakra—self-esteem and power issues—a long necklace with a citrine pendant can be an excellent piece of jewelry. Enhancing this energy center can help dissolve blocks and stagnation, resulting in higher energy levels and a boost in overall circulation. Remedy Benefits of Citrine . Of course, as with everything feng shui related, especially modern application of the old, traditional schools based on Chinese culturally specific symbols, you have to use your own judgment. Perhaps that is why I have an overabundance of citrine crystals in my collection—more than any other crystal I own. Citrine Crystal Intention for Choosing Happiness: When working with Citrine for choosing happiness, use the following crystal intention: “I choose to be happy.”, To manifest wealth and success, create a Citrine crystal program for yourself that includes wearing it, carrying it, and placing it in your space.Â, Wear: For constant access to the bright and uplifting energy of this stone, you can wear Citrine jewelry. It is one addiction that I wholeheartedly recommend to you, and I know you’ll thank me for it. Here’s how to grid a room in your home or office. Program a citrine crystal with the following intention, “All of my chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, and my aura and entire bio-energetic system is now completely cleansed of all negative energy.” Once you have programmed your citrine with this intention, you can reuse it for future baths with no need to reprogram it. Everyone’s been given financial advice at some point in their lives. Wear: Wearing Citrine in the form of jewelry is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day. Awaken your crown chakra and intuitive abilities. Whether you tend to have a pessimistic or negative outlook on life, or you’re going through a rough patch and need to shift your state, the bright and vibrant energy of your crystal will emit a higher frequency to stimulate feelings of optimism and positivity. A great way to benefit from the energy of citrine is to wear the crystal as jewelry. Most of the citrine on the market is actually heat-treated amethyst, so when you buy a citrine tumbled stone or a citrine point are you are probably buying a treated amethyst. We all have those moments in life when we need to dazzle others with our brilliance and light. It will also act as a source of positive energy to fill your space with good vibes. Estimated payment amounts shown on product pages exclude taxes and shipping charges, which are added at checkout. Citrine’s bright and happy energy fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations, clearing any blockages or imbalances in your solar plexus chakra with its sunny energy. Do not despair, because citrine can help if you feel like you are shrouded in a grey cloud. Creating Sacred Space In Your Own Location Do this three times. Often, just several tumbled crystals in a simple bowl can bring beautiful energy to any space, of any decor and in any culture. Wherever a citrine is placed, it helps to attract money, so place your citrine in your cash drawer or safe to attract more financial success into your business. All you really need is one citrine crystal and access to a bathtub, but a few cups of salt and a few drops of purifying essential oil is also a nice touch. Citrine can burn through clouds of negative energy, thoughts, and emotions like a laser, clearing the way for your soul to shine through. Not sure what intention you’d like to explore. You can never have too many citrine crystals, and luckily citrine is affordable and readily available. Soak and relax in the tub for about 20 minutes, and when you emerge you will be crystal clear and sparkly. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. The best way to benefit from the energies of Citrine crystals is to wear them on your body. By wearing Citrine crystal jewelry, carrying the stone, and incorporating it into your space, you can align yourself with the energy of light to bring more happiness into your life and your environment. Place a Citrine Point somewhere else you will see it each day as a reminder to be happy. Gain in-depth knowledge about crystals, their healing properties, meanings, and practices to achieve a specific intention. You’ve been told to save for your retirement, cut down on your daily coffee expenses or diversify your investments. Hold your hands over the citrine, breathe, and hold the intention that any negative energy and emotions are being completely absorbed and transformed by the citrine. Citrine is also a manifestation crystal that can motivate you to take action. Citrine is a controversial crystal. You can add Epsom or sea salt, which also helps to absorb negative energy. For manifesting wealth, we suggest placing it in your office, on your desk, or near your workspace. Most Citrine seen on the market is actually Amethyst that has been heat treated to achieve a yellow hue.Â, Real Citrine was used in the jewelry of Greek and Roman civilizations dating back to the 1st century A.D. Citrine was also featured in the flamingo brooch of the Duchess of Windsor and in the Bulgari Cerchi earrings.Â, Known as “The Merchant's Stone,” Citrine is said to bring prosperity when placed in a cash register.Â.


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