why is my ice maker light blinking
compressor not starting or cooling fridge” display is dim. The blinking light on the ice maker or fridge panel is a nuisance but also a steady indicator that attention is required. At the end of 3 minutes, the icemaker mold should fill with water. Clear jam and turn icemaker off and on to clear fault. Exercise caution in touching mold body during the test. Because the dispenser is causing such a ruckus or because the display itself is blank or flickering, folks are led to believe that the display control board itself is the part that has failed. s.prop4 = s.prop3; // Manipulate variables To turn the icemaker on, press the switch next to the light to the ON position. The green light under the ON/OFF switch should be on and steady. Refrigerators - Green Light on Icemaker Flashing (Icemaker Diagnostic) If the green light on your refrigerator's icemaker is flashing and the icemaker will not make (harvest) ice, run the following icemaker diagnostic: Note: This is for icemakers with an On/Off switch with LED light only. s.prop3 = s.channel + "|Support Search"; Turn icemaker Off for 15 seconds and turn back on. Motor not operating or rake does not stop rotating - Requires icemaker replacement. //s.eVar15 = ""; The water valve energizes for 4-7 seconds. Most icemakers have a green light to indicate the icemaker is turned on. Turn icemaker Off for 15 seconds and turn back on. //s.eVar15 = ""; Don’t be duped into thinking the display/dispenser board is the culprit.. We invite you to send in both parts for evaluation. s.prop4 = s.prop3; s.hier1 = s.prop5; To turn the icemaker on, press the switch next to the light to the ON position. In the Fault state, the green light will flash. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service. Dispenser/Display Board part numbers that are misdiagnosed (& more!) // Image call Rake is stuck - Most likely a jammed cube. Looking at the history of our board evaluations, this little tiny control board rarely fails. s.channel = "Service_Support"; It may come a surprise, but this failure is often misdiagnosed. var s_code=s.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code); If the green light on your refrigerator's icemaker is flashing and the icemaker will not make (harvest) ice, run the following icemaker diagnostic: Note: This is for icemakers with an On/Off switch with LED light only. Push in on paddle 3 times and only 3 times within 15 seconds of powering the icemaker back on. “Display was flashing water and ice dispenser did not work ice door flapping” —, WPW10162500, W10162500, 67006294, AP4080672, 1187173, AH2069839, EA2069839, PS2069839, 12939601, 12939601, High Voltage Control Boards part numbers that are actually faulty (& more!) The heater will turn on for a minimum of 20 seconds, and the rake inside the icemaker will make one full revolution and return to the "Home" position. “The touchpad on my Maytag refrigerator was going nuts flashing and buzzing. Heater not operating, mold body does not get warm - Requires icemaker replacement. display is dim. // Manipulate variables In Harvest Fix Mode, if the Harvest state is not complete within 30 minutes, the icemaker will enter the Fault state. Also, the ice dispenser door was opening and closing at will.” Some … // Image call s.prop3 = s.channel + "|Support Search"; There are a few ways to determine what may be wrong with the Kenmore appliance and cease those irritating blinking … —, wpw12920704, W10890094, W10890094 AP6027422, 12920710, 12920708, 67006389, 67006430, 67006747, W10178102, WP12920710, W10310240, 12920717, 12920719, W10213583, 12920724, 12920721, W10191108, W10165854, W10164422, W10164420, W10162662, 1206507, 12920708, 12920710, 59677532600, 59677533600, 59677539600, 67006389, 67006430, 67006747, AH2008821, AP4014490, EA2008821, PS2008821, W10178102, WPW10310240, AP6019229, W10164420, 12920721, 12920724, W10162662, W10164422, W10165854, W10191108, W10213583, W10310240, wpw10310240, Refrigerator Model Numbers this Blog Pertains too (& more!) s.channel = "Service_Support"; Refrigerator Icemaker Power Light Not Lit or Blinking. Step 4. Also, the ice dispenser door was opening and closing at will.” “Ice dispenser flap is opening and closing. We’ve provided a few problem descriptions from our previous clients below. If the LED indicator is not on, make sure the icemaker is turned on. Below are part numbers for the display boards, HV control boards, and the model numbers of the refrigerators this blog pertains to. — Amana, Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool and Sears, AFI2538AEb,AFI2538AEB00,AFI2538AEQ,AFI2538AEQ00,AFI2538AES,AFI2538AES00,AFI2538AEW,AFI2538AEW00,MFI2568AEB,MFI2568AEQ,MFI2568AES,MFI2568AEW,AFI2538AEB00,AFI2538AEQ00,AFI2538AES00,AFI2538AEW00, MFI2568AES, MFI2569VEA, MFI2269VEW1, MFI2067AEB, MFI2568AEQ, MFI2569VEM2,MFI2568AEB, MFI2568AES, MFI2269VEB2, 59677532600, 59677533600, 59677539600, MFI2568AES12,MFI2568AEB12,MFI2266AEQ10,MFI2266AES10,MFI2266AEB10,MFI2266AEU10,MFI2568AEW12,MFI2569VEM1,59677532601,59677532602,59677532603,59677532700,59677532702,59677533601,59677533602,59677533603,59677533700,59677533702,59677539601,59677539602,59677539603,59677539700,59677539702,59678332800,59678332801,59678333800,59678333801,59678333803,59678339800,59678339801,59678339802,59678532800,59678532801,59678533800,59678533801,59678539800,59678539801,59678539802,59679242012,59679243012,59679249012,7GI5FSAXVY00,7GI5FSAXVY1,7GI5FSAXVY2,7MI2569VEM1,7MI2569VEM10,7MI2569VEM2,AFI2538AEB12,AFI2538AEB13,AFI2538AEB3,AFI2538AEB4,AFI2538AEQ12,AFI2538AEQ13,AFI2538AEQ3,AFI2538AEQ4,AFI2538AES12,AFI2538AES13,AFI2538AES3,AFI2538AES4,AFI2538AES5,AFI2538AES6,AFI2538AEW12,AFI2538AEW13,AFI2538AEW3,AFI2538AEW4,EF36IWFSSS0,EF36IWFSSS2,GI0FSAXVA01,GI0FSAXVB01,GI0FSAXVB02,GI0FSAXVQ01,GI0FSAXVY01,GI0FSAXVY02,GI0FSAXVY03,GI5FSAXVA00,GI5FSAXVA01,GI5FSAXVB00,GI5FSAXVB01,GI5FSAXVB02,GI5FSAXVQ00,GI5FSAXVQ01,GI5FSAXVS01,GI5FSAXVS02,GI5FSAXVY00,GI5FSAXVY01,GI5FSAXVY02, GI5SVAXVL01, GI5FVAXVB00,GI5FVAXVB01,GI5FVAXVB02,GI5FVAXVL00,GI5FVAXVL01,GI5FVAXVQ00,GI5FVAXVQ01,GI5SVAXVB00,GI5SVAXVB01,GI5SVAXVB02,GI5SVAXVL00,GI5SVAXVL01,GI5SVAXVQ00,GI5SVAXVQ01,JFI2089AEB10,JFI2089AEB2,JFI2089AEP10,JFI2089AEP2,JFI2089AEP3,JFI2089AEP4,JFI2089AES10,JFI2089AES2,JFI2089AES3,JFI2089AEW10,JFI2089AEW2,JFI2089ATS10,JFI2089ATS2,JFI2089WES0,JFI2089WTS0,JFI2589AEP10,JFI2589AEP2,JFI2589AEP3,JFI2589AES10,JFI2589AES2,JFI2589AES3,KFIS20XVBL00,KFIS20XVBL1,KFIS20XVMS00,KFIS20XVMS1,KFIS20XVWH00,KFIS20XVWH1,KFIS25XVBL00,KFIS25XVBL1,KFIS25XVMS00,KFIS25XVMS1,KFIS25XVMS2,KFIS25XVWH00,KFIS25XVWH1,MFI2067AEB12,MFI2067AEB13,MFI2067AEB4,MFI2067AEB5,MFI2067AEQ12,MFI2067AEQ13,MFI2067AEQ4,MFI2067AES12,MFI2067AES13,MFI2067AES4,MFI2067AES5,MFI2067AEW12,MFI2067AEW13,MFI2067AEW4,MFI2266AEB11,MFI2266AEQ11,MFI2266AES11,MFI2266AEU11,MFI2266AEW10,MFI2266AEW11,MFI2269VEA1,MFI2269VEA10,MFI2269VEB1,MFI2269VEB10,MFI2269VEB2,MFI2269VEM1,MFI2269VEM10,MFI2269VEM2,MFI2269VEM3,MFI2269VEM6,MFI2269VEM8,MFI2269VEQ1,MFI2269VEQ10,MFI2269VEW1,MFI2269VEW10,MFI2568AEB13,MFI2568AEQ12,MFI2568AEQ13,MFI2568AES13,MFI2568AEW13,MFI2569VEA1,MFI2569VEA10,MFI2569VEB1,MFI2569VEB10,MFI2569VEB2,MFI2569VEM10,MFI2569VEM2,MFI2569VEQ1,MFI2569VEQ10,MFI2569VEW1,MFI2569VEW10, The Circuit -Official Blog of FixYourBoard.com, Home Diagnostic Tests for Thermador Ranges.


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