xb6 modem issues

What are you running on the 86u, stock firmware or Merlin's Asuswrt with Skynet running? That results in a physical Access Point configuration. I came onto Shaw a couple of months ago as 150 customer - at the time I was provided the XB6 modem. - edited I am very fed up with my Shaw 600 wifi connectivity issues. I only use Ethernet to my IPTV box so that I don't have to worry about wi-fi issues. I presume if the XB6 is working and the C7000 isn't, the unit could be faulty. This router is pretty good with supporting gigabit service, and the wifi range is pretty good on it as well. You also need IPV6 running for the Xi6 set top boxes. I had just assumed they were locked into the intel chipset... Also, fwiw, but not proven yet, the Technicolour BCM-3390 XB6 should be a much better modem than the Arris Puma 7 XB6. My vote would be for the Technicolor modem, but in this case, for whichever one you have, maybe its time to call tech support to have a tech drop by with both modem models for swapping purposes.

Sorry to bump a month old thread, but did you get your issue resolved? no fix has been recommended other than switching this model for the Arris model. A while later after reviewing the pricing options more closely, I opted instead for a package that only had 600Mbps, and thus didnt have to stick with the XB6. No other equipment was changed, although I want to get an Orbi kit soon. Well, my home security app isn't working now, I can't access its features to control the Rogers tablet. All rights reserved. I highly doubt that Shaw will use the Broadcom version, but, its worth asking the question. These "microdisonnections" sound like what I'm experiencing.

This thing has major issues and needs to be scrapped for another model of router that addresses the problems. The fact that Shaw might finally be issuing firmware updates is the result of a lot of work by other companies in that same timeframe. I have a steady and strong download/upload speed and no breaks in regular internet service. This seems to be a common issue for many users.

by Movie scenes like the 2 examples I have listed-bully gets a beatdown. Wired devices no longer have internet. What the heck!!!! The exact same Arris XB6 modem on the 150 speed was perfectly happy and fine before the network upgrade. Maybe we can figure out a solution or have Shaw fix it I have an XB6 in bridge modem with a Netgear R7000 nighthawk WiFi router. But, when I put the ethernet cable back into the WAN port of the AC86U, I got a connection and the WAN/Internet indicator turned on. Friend gets fantastic ping with cheaper service. « [Speed] Arris sb6183 on Xfinity 400mbps service? I do not want to have to downgrade my internet speed because the new generation hardware doesn't support basic gaming chat; I feel as though online gaming is a dominant use of the internet and hope there may be some suggestions on how I can set my modem and my home networking to provide better and more consistent connections to my game servers. I'm well versed with the ASUS routers but I'm stumped and very frustrated...It could be something simple that I'm overlooking but....I don't think so.

If anyone has significant problems I suggest reaching out around that hardware! My networking equipment collided with this since I had a subnet with the same address and I had to reset the XB6. No add ons to the Firmware, just Merlin's Asuswrt 384.15.

Click enable bridge mode. The correct number sequence is 9-4-3-4  (it spells WIFI), ‎02-29-2020 I tried your "odd" configuration but it did not work. @Xdj have you kicked the modem into Gateway mode and connected a pc or laptop via ethernet to both ports of the modem? I do not understand networking well enough to troubleshoot this much further than 'Connection Troubleshooting' via Shaw's website, and I have followed those steps to no avail. If you are in an older building, the older wiring can certainly cause this. I had the exact same thing. ‎03-01-2020 I asked for a technicolor XB6 modem based on what I've read online hoping it will fix my wifi issues and the tech support told me, "we don't just change equipment when it's working". 02:15 PM. One point to keep in mind, the previous Hitron modems ran as their base LAN address in Gateway mode. Yeh I am also getting micro bursts of very high latency once every minute or so since the December upgrade. If you do this let me know and I'll tell you how to convert the XB6 to a modem only, and get rid of all its router functionality. I was told all I have to do is put the Arris modem into bridge mode and the ASUS router should work...Not!

Do you know if both ethernet ports on the modem are actually working? My past modem on Shaw 150 use to always hit 150. Yeap, forgot to clarify mine is a Hitron. Wait a minute or so for the XB6 to reboot, then power-cycle your router. The wiring in the apartment is original and very low quality. Desktop Audio...A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole.


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