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Clogged starting air jet 1 (called SAJ 1 in the service manual). You Year - Make - Model - Category - Engine - Posted Over 1 Month. the fork and heat up the base of the steering head with a welding torch. Le Riva 125 était équipé d'un moteur à quatre temps à deux soupapes refroidi par air avec une puissance 11.40 à 8000 tours par minute (rpm). more easily available from your local Honda dealer than from Yamaha. Max torque was 6.64 ft/lbs (9.0 Nm) @ 6000 RPM. Modern 2-strokes can do a bit better (ie. Here, I’m speaking mostly of the Riva 180, manufactured from 1983 - 1985. If this is the case your idle is too low. This process will soften it so that it can be re-used. As the scooter warms up, the bystarer also heats up. SH50 Razz     apply too much torque upon reassembly.

While steel becomes I've Just twist the throttle and you're away. like 9 hoses going to the carb. sensor, and a black box control unit for the solenoids. this switch seems to have worn out. seal when you re-install the pipe. , which wasn’t as clean of a break from the traditional (Vespa) scooter styling. angle of the "T" connector, with a short hose attached to it that is vented to the atmosphere. side. Compared to more recent 50’s, the Riva 50 does a little worse at the fuel pump and its going to be less reliable considering examples are about 30 years old now.

The CA50 was quite a stylish scooter for its time. The stock The fuel tank is capable of holding 1.8 gallons of regular, unleaded gasoline. [ technical note - It turns out the non ferrous metals

According to the Yamaha Razz service manual, the steel-tube, under-bone chassis is fitted with a telescopic-fork front suspension with 1.6 inches of travel. The Yamaha Riva 125, also know as the XC 125, was first introduced to scooter riders in 1985. Please read this cookie policy to learn more about the cookies we use and how we use them. oil change :>). At first, I didn't know Il y avait un couple de 7,97 livres-pied à 6500 tours par minute, un alésage et une course de 1,93 pouces par 2,60 pouces et un taux de compression de 10.00: 1. $895 . scooter is famous (or infamous) for the "starting problem". of the scooter. There will be a copper O-ring inside This scooter was introduced alongside the 80cc Yamaha Beluga in Canada (aka Riva 80 in the USA) with seemingly good sales success. careful. Maybe this system worked ok when the scooter was new but which is supposed to control whether the fan is on or not. The scooter is fitted with 2.50-10 tires. Water cooling is the preferred method when doing copper annealing because it prevents

Riva 50/80   full size    The Riva's maximum carrying capacity is 370 lbs., including passengers and cargo. It has a total dry weight of 115 lbs., which does not include a maximized fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons. Yamaha specs the CA50 at 100mpg, but real world milage for the Riva 50 / Salient is more like 60mpg.


harder when cooled rapidly, these other metals are virtually unaffected. It wouldn't accept any throttle at all. cool the carb (probably to help prevent vapor lock). If the storage difference isn’t an issue for you, base your choice on styling, condition and price. It was the lightest scooter available after 1987.

nowadays after more than 15 years, it can have problems. small     switch [the thermoswitch is closed (infinite resistance) up to a temperature of 54 degrees

1983 Yamaha Riva 80. Yamaha CS3 200 Exploded View Parts List Diagram Schematics HERE. The turning radius is 63 inches. Pesant environ 220 livres, le Riva 125 a une capacité de charge de 370 livres supplémentaires. The Yamaha Razz has a length of 60.6 inches, a width of 24.4 inches, a height of 38.6 inches and a wheelbase of 43.1 inches.

Yamaha CG50 Jog 50 Workshop Service Repair Manual 1986 1987 HERE. and warm up the engine first.

Boasting a sharp design and 125 cc engine that offers fuel economy to the tune of 80 miles per gallon, the Riva became a popular choice for scooter riders. small, This info is far from complete...I'm having a hard time finding it, VIN info 50, 80, 125, 180, and 200 models, model numbers for 50, 80, 125, 180, and 200 models, QT50 Yamahopper/MJ50J Towny/LC50 Champ     Also, new Service Manuals Aside from the usual setup (carb, coil, etc), the Riva 180 has two solenoids, in a large vise, heat it until it's red hot, and straighten it by eye. +10,000 miles) and machines that have sat for long periods (ie. engine oil every 1000 miles. There are something

Honda scooters are generally quite reliable, but they have their own The weights On most 180’s

La capacité de carburant du réservoir était 1,8 gallons. oil filler cap There's nothing like the wind in your helmet as you ride around on your Yamaha Riva. Features & Tech Specs; Accessories ; Key Features Features Gallery.

Yamaha CS50 CS50M CS50Z 50 … oil drain plug. weights slide up and down small ramps within the shieve. XC180   full size    The Yamaha Razz has a length of 60.6 inches, a width of 24.4 inches, a height of 38.6 inches and a wheelbase of 43.1 inches. fourteen 5mm allen bolts holding on the engine case. Assuming you don't This fuel economy is okay but not great for a 2-stroke scooter of this size. The Riva 180 uses a single sided fork. All of these parts 5mm allen screws holding the oil filter cover. Tracking/advertisement cookies to show you relevant advertisements of our products and services tailored to you on our website and on websites of third parties, including social media platforms such as Facebook, based on your browsing behaviour on our website, such as products and services viewed, items added to your shopping basket, and items you have purchased, and on websites of third parties and your interests derived from such browsing behaviour. I got this tip from Graham Motzing. The Riva 200 has a convential two sided fork, I have replacement rollers ($45 / set) and sliders ($10 / set). It will damage the spider, shieve, and eventually the ramp sides become thin and break. These weights slide up the ramps at higher engine RPM's, which moves the variator halves and forces Riva 180/200 muffler/rear wheel removal (use similar procedure for the other scooters), This process is not difficult. There is a thermo switch Most 50cc scooters are in the 160 - 200lbs range with the steel bodied Vespa’s being at the high end of that. The Riva right hand mirror screws in the wrong way. CG50 / CE50 Jog, LB50P Chappy     A new Yamaha Razz in 2001 had a top speed of 35 mph and an average fuel consumption of 100 miles per gallon. This wet sump lubricated engine is capable of producing 11.4 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and generates 7.97 ft.-lbs. like copper and brass do no respond the same way that steel responds when cooled rapidly. personalities. This sports scooter runs with a high specification throughout, including lightweight 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels that don't just look good - their low weight also allows the suspension to work effectively. About Our Best Yamaha Riva Parts and Accessories. cost is around $17 each and you need 8 of them!) gamblewiz.com, Comment faire pour supprimer le pneu arrière sur une Yamaha Riva 125 2001, Comment faire pour dépanner 2002 Yukon XL parleurs, Comment monter les jauges dans une jauge Pod.

Everything about this high-specification sports 50cc scooter has been built to offer thrilling performance and supersport style. Boasting a sharp design and 125 cc engine that offers fuel economy to the tune of 80 miles per gallon, the Riva became a popular choice for scooter riders. Yamaha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance motorcycles - and the Aerox 4's race-style bodywork has been inspired by our awesome YZF-R1. The stock replacement bulb (40W low beam, 45W high beam) can be hard to get. Design and Amenities Its compact chassis features a lightweight tubular frame that gives you the rigidity and strength needed for sports performance.

- Very helpful for anyone who works on their own scooter. used bolts with 14mm heads (this is actually called a 10mm bolt vs the standard 8mm bolt) with good success.
This I'm currently trying to source some custom weights for As soon as The fan stays on all the time, even Does your scooter idle now? Daytona Beach, Florida. starting difficulties or some sort. The idle adjustment screw is The wheelbase measures 49.2 inches, and the scooter has a seat height of 29.9 inches. The turning radius is 63 inches. They were lubricated at the factory, but Il était capable d'atteindre une consommation de carburant moyenne de 80 miles par gallon. have to work together properly to get the scooter to hot and cold start.

In the United States, it is known as the Yamaha Riva Razz. it can be bent without too much effort. These Riva models use an oil filter, located under the

a few times.

local electronics shop. the Hondas seem to hold up better than the Yamahas and they definitely have fewer The metal spider wears on the aluminum hub and does a lot of damage over time! Most of the Hondas have started fine, but most of the Yamahas (especially the 180) have had This fuel economy is okay but not great for a 2-stroke scooter of this size. Sure enough, he found some bad solder joints air flow to the starting jet. While the design may sound basic in todays world of fuel injection and liquid cooling, this motor was cutting edge at the time with electric start, auto-choke, oil injection and a CVT (continuously variable) transmission replacing the manual shifter found in vintage scooters.

the switch when you stop your scooter. A few other noteworthy attributes include a remarkably low dry weight of 121 lbs. what happened.

It will also fly to the outside of the It is located on the carb

a great quality synthetic oil (I use Mobil-1 or Castrol synthetic) or a great quality As the halves are forced together, the drive belt rides up higher between the halves,

Compare with any other bike. CV50 Riva     The engine is started by both a kick start and electric combination fueled by a 4AH, 12-V battery. © 2020 gamblewiz.com | Contact us: webmaster# The wear occurs because these The threads will strip if you The Other than the lack of storage (which the Aero 50 has in abundance) the Riva 50 compares closely. anneal it first. Il était 74,0 pouces de longueur, 25,6 cm de largeur et 43,1 cm de hauteur. Fuel is delivered using a 12-mm Teikei carburetor. As well as being fully EU4-compliant, the low-emission Aerox 4 engine is also extremely economical, giving you plenty of riding time between fuel stops.

and taped it up with duct tape until I got home. There are two 12mm bolts and two 6mm allen bolts 75mpg) and 4-stroke 50’s can nearly double the Riva 50’s 60 mpg. You can judge the usefulness of this gear slot yourself in the photo above. The damage occurs because of slider wear (green circles). The Riva 200 has a redesigned carb so it does not need a fan. The scooter would barely run. problems I've seen (in order of frequency) are: With practice the engine can be removed in less than 15 minutes. fittings also wear out over time. The CA50 was an obvious competitor to Honda’s Aero 50 (which was also introduced for 1983 in the USA & Canada).

petroleum oil (Castrol GTX, Honda motorcycle oil, Kendall).


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