yearling elk weight
Feed elk very well in the summer to achieve optimum velvet weights and calving percentages. Watch videos, see the latest gear and more. ), 700 pounds (315 kg) (Tule elk: 400 lbs., Roosevelt’s elk: 900 lbs. M power 02 3 17 m power yoga houma terrebonne …, Best yoga retreats in pennsylvania 2020 best yoga retreats in …. The elk's weight at the end of October is directly proportional to its weight at the end of March. A cow and spike can average around 450-500lbs. About 4% is water weight lost during the 10-14 day period that the carcass is hung (or “cured”). There are a few distinct coloration characteristics to look for when identifying elk. Rocky Mountain (Rocky Mountain West, now transplanted to other locations) – largest antlers of all subspecies, Roosevelt’s (Coastal Pacific Northwest) – largest in body size of all subspecies, but not antler size, Tule (Central California) – smallest body size of all subspecies, Merriam’s (Southwest and Mexico) – Extinct, Eastern (east of the Mississippi) – Extinct, 500 pounds (225 kg) (Tule elk: 300 lbs., Roosevelt’s elk: 600 lbs. Elk also use body language. So for a 180 lb quarter share, the final weight would be about 108-117 lbs (estimated). At shoulder height, elk will reach 4.5-5 feet at maturity. The weight is lost in 2 ways. All elk will have a light beige “rump patch” and typically contrasting darker legs and neck to their lighter bodies. Correct identification and harvest by hunters is especially important for the stability and growth of a healthy Kentucky elk herd. This may make identification more difficult for the hunter as individual elk move around within the herd. Elk are among the noisiest ungulates, communicating danger quickly and identifying each other by sound. Bulls will be the largest, topping out the height and weight spectrum. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For the Angus breed, yearling weight, which is considered a reliable indicator of mature weight, has increased 96 lbs. Elk are taller and heavier than the white-tailed deer. Bulls gather cows and calves into small groups called harems, Bulls wallow in mud to coat themselves with urine “perfume” to attract cows, They also bugle and rub trees, shrubs and the ground with their antlers to attract cows and intimidate other bulls, Bulls aggressively guard their harems from other bulls, Sometimes, bulls wage violent battles for a harem, occasionally even fighting to the death, Prior to European settlement, more than 10 million elk roamed nearly all of the United States and parts of Canada, Today, about one million elk live in the western United States, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina, and from Ontario west in Canada, Food, water, shelter and space are essential to elk survival, Elk live in a variety of habitats, from rainforests to alpine meadows and dry desert valleys to hardwood forests. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Bulls average about 800 to 1000 pounds in weight while cows range from 450 to 650 pounds. Look at the pictures below. 350 pounds for yearling cow, ~400 for a spike, 700 pounds for a "good" bull or boxcar cow and 900+ for a whopper. Spikes have polished antlers that are displayed; where as a cow does not. Elk Weight Chart Blythe Borth July 3, 2018 How much does an elk weight boned out how much meat to pack out on an elk how much does a bull elk weigh and why how much does an elk … Reference the chart for a comparison of size to the common white-tailed deer. Being able to judge gender and age will be an important skill since the permit of those drawn is specified for a bull (male) or cow (female). Proper elk management in North America requires the feeding of supplemental hay during the winter followed by a rich vitamin-mineral routine before and during breeding, calving and velveting. Figure about 30-33% of live weight. With the antlers of a mature bull elk that we all imagine, hunters might think it’s impossible to not recognize the difference between a cow and bull. This weight is usually about 60-65% of the hanging weight. For example, an elk displays dominance by raising its head high. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As stated, elk vary a great deal in size. Average elk weights vary between 450 pounds for a cow (female) and 800 pounds for a bull (male). In most cases, elk will not be found alone, but in herds. 500 pounds (225 kg) (Tule elk: 300 lbs., Roosevelt’s elk: 600 lbs.) However, when it comes to a yearling spike verses an adult or yearling cow elk, the differences become more subtle at farther distances. In that same time period, Angus steer weights have increased 300 lbs., and heifers are up 239 lbs., on average. For comparison purposes, we will compare an elk to the more commonly known white-tailed deer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Typical bull pelage (hair) is "lighter" in color than cows during the hunting season. But hunting cow elk poses some interesting difficulties that you won’t encounter while hunting bulls, and if you’re not careful, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. 4 1/2 feet (1.3 m) at the shoulder; 6 1/2 feet (2 m) from nose to tail Bull elk bugle to attract cows and advertise their dominance to other bulls. Knowing how to identify the species, gender, and age of the animal you are hunting is a good place to start pre-hunt preparations. ), Calves are typically born in late May through early June, Calves are born spotted and scentless as camouflage from predators, They spend their first few weeks hiding motionless while their mothers feed, Elk may supplement their diet at licks, where they take in minerals that may help them grow healthy coats and produce nutritious milk, An elk’s stomach has four chambers: the first stores food, and the other three digest it, An elk’s top two canine teeth are called ivories, Scientists believe ivories are remnants of saber-like tusks that ancestral species of elk used in combat, Most hunters save ivories as a memento of the hunt, Bulls shed and grow a new set of antlers every year, New antlers are covered in fuzzy skin called velvet, Antlers harden by late summer and the velvet peels away, A set of antlers on a mature bull can weigh up to 40 pounds, Cows, calves and yearlings live in loose herds or groups, During the rut, cows and calves form harems with one or two mature bulls, When alarmed, elk raise their heads high, open their eyes wide, move stiffly and rotate their ears to listen, If a harem cow wanders, a bull stretches his neck out low, tips up his nose, tilts his antlers back and circles her, Elk threaten each other by curling back their upper lip, grinding their teeth and hissing softly, Agitated elk hold their heads high, lay their ears back and flare their nostrils, and sometimes even punch with their front hooves.


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