zaheer and p'li

Zaheer is an inferior bender to Aang in every aspect.

As soon as they were far away from the city, Ming-Hua complained that they should have grabbed a police officer to force the Avatar's whereabouts out of him.

Idk if Ghazan can "easily" block P'li's blasts, Lin couldn't.

If Ming gets in range of P'li then team 2.


He dodged the attacks and threw her down with two blades of air, taking her to the airship while P'Li dealt with the approaching Lin, Suyin, and Metal Clan guards. I assume that Ghanzan can block P'Li's blasts.

Shortly afterward, P'Li's associates arrived at the North Pole to free her. Round 2: Team 1, and I would say this is mid diff. "Enter the Void" (actual)"The Calling" (vision) (chronological & release order)

Stating the natural order to be disorder, he believed that true freedom could only be achieved when oppressive governments were dismantled and cited another one of Guru Laghima's sayings to emphasize his point: "New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old." Amon | Tenzin again blocked the attack and soon knocked Zaheer down a second time. With the Avatar still hesitant, Zaheer radioed Ghazan to wipe the airbenders out, but promptly told him to stand down when Korra decided to surrender. Zaheer defeated multiple White Lotus sentries with relative ease using airbending. However, Korra recovered and the airbender was soon targeted with a large boulder, which he quickly dodged.

Old Iron | At her request to know what would happen if she was captured, he merely told her she would have her answer soon enough, assuming his accomplices to have captured her body by that point, and vanished. He may not be master level but his versatility and usage of it makes him a -master level but still close to them. Blaming governments and world leaders to be the cause of the greatest imbalances in the world, Zaheer holds the belief that disorder is the only true order,[1] a philosophy that promotes chaos and pandemonium as the true attributes of freedom and individuality. R2 Katara could easily solo with bloodbending too.

“I never doubted,” he responded, smiling slightly and pressing a soft kiss to her lips. Airbending masterLeader of the Red LotusMartial arts expertUnited Republic prisoner

Zaheer thanked his girlfriend for her loyalty and told her he thought about her every day while in prison. Landing near his friends, he angrily declared their mission a failure and used the smoke to cover their retreat.[10]. Even if Ming goes around and tries to get closer, Zaheer can hold her off while P'Li overpowers Ghazan. As long as you're willing to suspend disbelief that Zuko's a bloodbender (and has been for most of his life), you can consider the first story a fun (but not entirely necessary) backstory.

As her associates gathered the temple's occupants in the courtyard, she remained aboard the airship to provide aerial support, using her blasts to attack the airbenders who tried to escape.

The Red Lotus have turned against each other, but which pair will win the ensuing battle?

Xin Fu | He would take out P'li fairly early and proceed to take out Zaheer after. Just smutsone shots, all sort of couples/ships, some will be canon, some won't be. P'Li vs Ghazan is close though. Ghazan has great earthbending accuracy (remember his fight with the Dai Li?) Ming Hua is way more masterful, precise, and deadly than Zaheer. Noatak | Firebending masterFugitive (formerly)

With the Avatar in tow, the group began to escape but ended up boxed in by metal plates in the estate's courtyard after Mako and Bolin alerted the Metal Clan to their presence. With tears in her eyes, she lovingly caressed his face, reminding him that he had shown her what true freedom meant. With nowhere to go, she left them at the stables to attack Kya and Bumi, who were hanging over the temple's ledge.

Kemurikage | P'Li Forum Posts.

After the operator turned on the radio, Zaheer told the citizens that he and other revolutionaries had brought down the queen. Victory by ko or death, @[email protected]@[email protected]@rbt, @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected], @[email protected]@[email protected]_god, @[email protected]@knightofzero, @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected], @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@saint_sophie. [3] The airbender told her the poison would trigger the Avatar State before he and his associates would kill her, ending the Avatar Cycle, saying it would bring on a world where man was allied only with himself and loved ones and in natural order without borders nor an Avatar.[5].

“Right now?”. P'Li moved on to give Zaheer aerial support in his battle against Tenzin, shifting the odds in the favor of the Red Lotus as she blasted Tenzin off the ledge of a walkway and into the attacking range of Ming-Hua and Ghazan, before throwing him against a wall with another blast, enabling her associates to corner him.[10]. Thanks to Zaheer's support, she gives herself a chance to start anew, and ends up in the middle of a group of revolutionaries.

P'li will be the biggest threat here, but after Zaheer goes down, P'li will soon follow.

The new airbender evaded all of the chief's attacks, before knocking him down with an air blast.

This attempt failed and Zaheer's comrades were killed, leaving him as the only survivor of their group of four. It’s been nine days since P’Li watched her worst fears come true - her daughter Nazra revealed herself as a combustionbender. Chapter 1 is Zaheer/P’li and Ghazan/Ming-Hua, Chapter 2 is Zaheer/P’li, Chapter 3 is Ghazan/Ming-Hua, and Chapter 4 is all four of them.

Zaheer's defeat by Korra and the new airbenders is ironic for multiple reasons: The Harmonic Convergence that gave Zaheer his airbending also gave the same ability to the majority of the airbenders who defeated him. When Zaheer warned her that was not the deal, a fight ensued between them and the Dai Li, who were ordered to imprison them all. Aang have all elements.

Zaheer was visited in his prison by Korra, who hoped that by facing him, she would be able to release her fear of him. The four soon fled the scene in a truck. @aressword: any reasons? Her and Bumi were a mess after that fight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. P'li with the comet would be op. Zaheer instructed them to load the brothers in the truck, telling them they were going to Ba Sing Se.[1]. By the time he had done away with them, Kya was back on her feet attacked him with spirals of water. Each pair feels the other has betrayed them and the Red Lotus. After P'Li blasted Tenzin into a wall, Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua surrounded him; the criminal airbender told his foe to give up.

When P'Li noticed Lin out in the open, she focused her efforts on taking down the Chief of Police. Before they got there, Korra found out the Red Lotus had double-crossed Team Avatar and Zaheer was attacked with air, fire, and earth. When new faces willing to help come into the picture, Korra and her friends are quick to accept. And that quote from Tenzin: "As long as I'm breathing, it's not over."

Air, glider staff [6][13][14] In a swamp-induced vision, Zaheer appeared to Korra again in the situation where he was looking as she was struggling to stay out of the Avatar State. Although a guard managed to pull Zaheer away, P'Li and the two others continued to lash out at anyone attempting to cross the moat to save Korra; one of her curved attacks was blocked just short of connecting with Team Avatar by Suyin, Wei, and Wing.

Jianzhu |

She put restraints around the Avatar's wrists and ankles, revealing to Korra that the shackles were made from platinum, making any metalbending attempt useless.

That's assuming Ghazan isn't already beaten by the time Ming gets to them.

Asked by Tenzin why he came, the airbender stated he wanted Korra and had enough of the chase for her, telling Tenzin he would be using the airbenders for leverage. Zaheer soon knocked her further down the cliff with two close-range air blasts and onto a stone pillar.

@emmafrostxmen: I agree with that regarding Combustion man, because his blasts were quanitifably singnficantly much more powerful than any other non amped bender's, including P'lis.

He would do anything so she could be safe from harm - even keep secrets and avoid her at all costs. This has been on Hiatus for a few years, but I'm returning back to it.

A lot of fans especially liked the fact that Zaheer saved P'Li from an evil warlord when he was not even a bender. 0. But is the Avatar the weapon they want her to be? He jumped down onto a walkway and intercepted Tenzin and his family as the rest of the Red Lotus gathered the temple's occupants into a courtyard. I foresee P'Li to be the first one out, while either of team 2 could keep Zaheer at bay until the other comes to help and finish the battle.

Team 1 sweeps.

Relaying the information to the others upon his return, it became clear that they would not be able to get to Korra before the Queen and Zaheer decided that he was through chasing her, declaring that it was time to make Korra come to them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He is a prodigy, but not a master bender and that was proven with his fight with Tenzin. But I'd still give Ming Hua the edge over Zaheer haha. P'Li, along with Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua, attempted to kidnap Korra when she was a young girl, until they were defeated by Tonraq, Sokka, Z… Without flight, he is nothing but a poor distraction.

The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book Three: Change,, P'Li was the second known combustionbender, after. Two weeks after their daughter bent fire for the first time, Tonraq and Senna were forced to make an impossible choice—hand Korra over to the White Lotus to be locked away in a frozen compound and molded into their weapon, or accept Zaheer's offer to escape as a family and raise Korra themselves, knowing that they would be fugitives from the world. Despite only having airbending abilities for a short time and being self-taught, Zaheer displays high proficiency in the art. Hoping Korra could stop her, Zaheer helped Korra in 174 AG to meditate into the Spirit World and let go of her fear of him and of "what might have been". Bujing |

Tenzin beat Zaheer's ass until P'li, Ming Hua and Ghazan joined in.

[1], After showing signs of being a combustionbender during her youth, P'Li was kidnapped by a warlord, who trained her to be his personal assassin. Once they were within range of the waterbender's cage, Zaheer sliced the barrel of water that Ghazan had thrown in the air in half, enabling Ming-Hua to utilize it to escape. En route to Ba Sing Se, P'Li sat next to Zaheer in the front of the truck, while Ghazan and Ming-Hua guarded the brothers. Zaheer managed to persuade Earth Queen Hou-Ting to trade Avatar Korra for information regarding the new airbenders.

Zuko | @aystarr: I don't think it's such a stretch honesty. With the master refusing to yield, Zaheer dodged a quick air blast and countered.

Planting seeds, paving the way for new flowers to bloom.

Many have died for the cause and others... Well. @chloros: Aang doesn't benefit from the comet or the full moon, does that change your mind?? So although we don't know the power of a combustion bender under Sozin's, a full moon amp should be more than enough.

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