Ben Chigara

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Ben Chigara is Professor of International Laws at Brunel University, London. He is jurisconsult on State Practice and International Law on issues ranging from foreign direct investment in transitional States, and international labour standards to the development of standards and policies for the recognition, promotion and protection of the dignity inherent in all individuals as human beings. In 2014, Ben was the Foreign Office independent observer during the presidential election in Ukraine.

He is the author of several monographs, including: Reconceiving Property Rights in the New Millennium: Towards a New Sustainable Land Relations Policy - Volume II (Routledge 2011); SADC Land Relations Policy: A New Land Relations Policy - Volume I (Routledge 2011); Legitimacy Deficit in Custom (Ashgate 2000); Amnesty in International Law (Longman 2002); Land Reform Policy (Ashgate 2004) and numerous refereed articles on human rights, legal theory and the international legal system.

Before joining Brunel in 2003, Ben held lectureships at Warwick University; Leeds University; Oxford Brookes University; and a Research Fellowship at Brandeis Law School, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He has also worked in Dansk AFS, Denmark and for Zimbabwe's Ministry of Higher Education, and consults with inter-governmental organisations. Ben read Law and Psychology at Keele University and obtained his Masters from the University of Hull (with Distinction, winning the Josephine Ono Prize). He obtained his Doctorate from the University of Nottingham.