Nicola Williams

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Nicola Williams is the Service Complaints Commissioner for the Armed Forces, based in London since January 2015. She is a barrister and has been a Crown Court Recorder since 2010. Before her latest appointment, Nicola was the Complaints Commissioner for the Cayman Islands since 2009. 

Nicola was a barrister at 1 Mitre House Buildings between 1985 and 2001 and remains a Door Tenant. Whilst in private practice she appeared in the High Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal, specialising in Crime, which included three successful Commonwealth death penalty appeals before the House of Lords sitting as the Privy Council.

Nicola's other previous roles include Vice-President of the Caribbean Ombudsman Association, member of the Broadcast Committee on Advertising Practice, Commissioner for the Independent Police Complaints Commission and board member of the Police Complaints Authority. 

She was a BBC legal expert for the O. J. Simpson trial verdict in 1995. Nicola is also a past winner in Cosmopolitan magazine’s Women of Achievement Award (Professions category).      

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