Parosha Chandran

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Parosha Chandran is a barrister at 1 Pump Court Chambers. She is a leading junior at the Bar in human rights and human trafficking. She has acted in successful cases in a variety of human rights-related areas throughout her practice at the Bar, from immigration and asylum (including adult and children’s cases, HIV appeals and deportation) to trafficking-related crime, from civil actions against the police and prison law to employment-related race discrimination and medical cases. She regularly lectures on human rights law and also provides legal training to a diverse range of organisations. She works closely with a number of organisations including the POPPY Project, Anti-Slavery International, the AIRE Centre, ECPAT (UK) and the Helen Bamber Foundation. She is the co-founder (together with Klara Skrivankova of Anti-Slavery International and Nadine Finch of Garden Court Chambers) of the Trafficking Law and Policy Forum. She is the General Editor of, and specialist contributor to, ‘The Human Trafficking Handbook: recognising trafficking and modern-day slavery in the UK’, a ground breaking text on  human-trafficking in the UK which compiles for the very first time the perspectives of leading experts and organisations on recognising slavery in the 21st century. Parosha was Called to the Bar in 1997.

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