Portia Ragnauth

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Portia Ragnauth is currently the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for the South East. Portia joined the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the 1980s, having completed her pupillage at the Bar and worked for a number of Inner CPS London branches, including Camberwell, Bow Street and Horseferry Road. At Camberwell Green she was in charge of cases from the Brixton area. Portia then moved to the Croydon CPS, and during her time there she travelled to New York to visit specialist courts to see how case files were put together in America. She brought the ideas back to England and set up South London's first specialist domestic violence court.

On promotion to Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP), she moved to Durham and worked there for three and a half years. At Durham, with the backing of the Local Criminal Justice Board, the area set up the first "Hate Crimes Court" in the country in January 2005. The same year Portia became the CCP for Surrey. In 2006 she was one of five Chief Crown Prosecutors chosen for the CPS's World Cup team of prosecutors dispatched to Germany to ensure English trouble-makers received Football Banning Orders when they returned home. Portia, whose parents are both barristers, graduated in Law from the University of London before going to Bar School. She is also a member of the Guyanese Bar.

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