Shaheen Sardar Ali

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Shaheen Sardar Ali is a Professor at the University of Warwick and Professor II at the University of Oslo, Norway. She was formerly a Professor of Law at the University of Peshawar, in Pakistan. She has served on the National Commission of Inquiry on Women as well as the Prime Minister's Consultative Committee on Women in Pakistan. Shaheen has served as Minister for Health, Population Welfare and Women's Development in the Government of the North West Frontier Province (Pakistan) and was Chair of the National Commission on the Status of Women of Pakistan. She regularly acts as a consultant for a range of international bodies, including DFID, NORAD, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNDP, ILO, to name a few and was a member of the British Council Task Force on Gender and Development.

Shaheen is one of the founder members and Co-ordinator of the South Asian Research Network on Gender, Law and Governance. She is the author of many books and journal articles in the area of Islamic Law, gender, human rights, women and children's rights and has received numerous distinctions and awards, including the Asian Women of Achievement Award 2005 (Public Sector), the British Muslims' Annual Honours achievement plaque in the House of Lords in May 2002 and two Commonwealth scholarships to study at the University of Hull, one for her Master's and one for her Doctorate. Shaheen is part of a team that initiated a ground-breaking project developing a range of Islamic Law Curricula for the University of Warwick and a number of other academic institutions within the UK and abroad. In August 2008, she was appointed a member of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. She regularly contributes to radio and television programmes as a commentator or in discussions on current affairs, Islamic Law, Muslim world, Pakistan, South Asia and human rights.

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